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A Special Place

It is not easy to forget where one comes from, especially if you were brought up in that place. The memories of the place can not fade away, no matter how far are from the place. Every element of the neighborhood is part of me, everywhere I go; I can not help but establish a correlation of where I am and the special place in my heart. It all draws to the basic fact that it is where you grow that mould you into what you are currently.

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A cross walk through the place depicts the untainted works of nature that are characterized by the pure clean air and massive green fields indicating how individuals from the neighborhood perceive environmental conservation from another level; a possible explanation of why the place came to be called Greenfields. One can not fail to discern the welcoming scenery of this special place, characterized by the humming birds, slowly whirling winds which keep the natural world active and the evergreen flora and fauna found all over the place.

On a pale blue sky, one can not fail to notice the striking reflections and rhythmic water waves from the nearby lake and the long bent grass which separates the green fields.  It is arguably evident that the scenery of the place represents a perfection of the natural world, with the ecosystem being human friendly characterized with limited or lack of polluting elements such as noise. A characteristic of the walk by the lake side presents date palms which have distinguished frayed leaves from fine sand and grits by the shore and a flock of flamingos. The landscape of the place can be noticed from the flatness of the green fields, with a little slope towards the lake.

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Away from natural orientation of the place, the arrangement of the houses follows a distinctive pattern, characterized by their alternating linear arrangement with estate courts. The houses reveal a futuristic approach to architecture, with a combination of brick walls and marble, a few consisting of glass walls with fresh paintings. The courts are tidy, with a car park in almost every entrance to a home. One wonders whether the local authority mandated all the houses in the estate to adhere to the linear arrangement and a unique architectural design. There are no barriers in the entrance of each home, depicting the of neighborhood association that exist at Greenfields.

In the far end of the estate, is the Greenfields Pre-Kindergarten School. The place is unique because it where I first schooled.  A noticeable feature of the school is its extensive playground. On a week day, one can easily notice happy kids on the playground, pose for a minute and think about how their future will be. Every time, I get to visit Greenfields, I have to visit my preparatory school; where my educational foundation was laid. According to me, Greenfields represents my hope for a brighter future, just like the place is. The neighborhood played a significant deal in influencing my characters in terms of how to relate with fellow people. Apart from just schooling at Greenfields, it is the place that I was brought up.

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A place can not be branded as momentous without putting into consideration the inhabitants. On a rare occasion will you notice frowning faces if you happen to meet people along the estate courts and drives. Greenfields is such a superb place, ranging from the elements of the natural world to the residents. The welcoming scenery is further enhanced by the hospitality of the residents. It is one place where you will always feel at home, even if you are a stranger.

A Special Place. Custom A Special Place Essay Writing Service || A Special Place Essay samples, help

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