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Articles about Food

Both the “Soup” and “I am not leaving before I eat this” articles talk about food; the “Soup” talks about soup made from natural ingredients with no chemicals while “I am not leaving before I eat this” talks about the struggle to eat pig lip by Edge. Both articles had been published before; “I am not leaving until I eat this thing” was published in Oxford America in 1999 while the “Soup” was published in the New Yorker in 1989. Moreover, both Edge and Yeganeh’s interviewer participates in their stories;  Yeganeh’s interviewer personally participates in some events by lining up to be served with the soup and observing how customers in Yeganeh’s hotel are treated while Edge participates through observing activities taking place in the pig factory and tasting pig lip.


The writer of “I am not leaving until I eat this thing” is known and is called Edge while the writer of “Soup” in not known. The writer of the “Soup” explains his theme in form of an interview. We find him explaining Yeganeh’s characters by interviewing him. Edge, on the other hand, presents his theme through observation. He writes what he observes from the pig company. He also participates through tasting the pig lip. He explains his views through his personal experience. In his writing, Edge starts by explaining the history of the manufacture of pig products: how it started, collapsed, and how it came to operate again. The “Soup” presents a traditional culture; we find Mr. Yeganesh preparing only soup in his restaurant where he maintains preparation of his food with no chemicals. Yeganeh is also very strict when dealing with customers that he even sends customers who do not follow his rules away. Edge, on the other hand, presents his arguments in a modern culture; he waits for his meal in a pub while drinking a few beers, and tastes the pig lip with chips.



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