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Effective Counseling

An effective counseling engages proper listening and communication tools in order to help the client better and solve the problems faced. The example below shows an example of an effective counseling.

Client: My name is Jimmy.

Counselor: It is a pleasure. I am Dr. Julius. It is a pleasure to meet you. Welcome!

Client: Currently I am a third year student in a local university. Over the last few years I have engaged in bad company thereby being hard to me to concentrate with my studies. Because of such company, I have been drinking a lot and sometimes being unable to give my studies the necessary attention.

Counselor: I understand. It feels so bad to know that one cannot study while he is willing to, isn't it?

Client: Yeah, very true.

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Counselor: I see, and why do you think you have been engaging in such company?

Client: Most of the friends of this company are good buddies and we help each other during times of problem.

Counselor: Okay. So, as an individual, what is your take on drinking?

Client: I believe that drinking is bad and can even interfere with somebody's dreams and even make it impossible to perform better in his/her academics.

Counselor: Yeah, that is very true. I believe drinking can make somebody fail to meet his goals in life. What do you think?

Client: I also think in the same way.

Counselor: Jimmy, I do understand your situation. However, as long as you have found it in yourself, I believe we can together help one another to overcome this habit and focus on your studies. This will make possible to achieve your goals.

lient: Thanks a lot. However, I have been trying to quit drinking but my friends have always been pulling them back. I know they have been making this quite hard. That is why I needed some intervention from a professional so that I can once again be focused with my future.

Counselor: I know it may seem as if quitting drinking might be something hard, but that is not always the case. For example, am sure you will tell me that you have been able to achieve very many things in your past life, isn't it?

Client: That is very true Counselor.

Counselor: This means nothing is unachievable. We can help one another towards you problems.

Client: I would greatly appreciate.

Counselor: What you can begin with is to try to talk to your friends; do not ignore them. Just tell them what you want to do with your own life. I am sure they will understand, and even make them change, you never know. So, just begin from a very humble position. Make sure you get encouraged, pray and make sure you do not remain idle, otherwise you make retrace back to your steps.

Ineffective Counseling

On the other hand, ineffective counseling lacks the above-mentioned tools such as communication and listening. Discrepancies occur thus the client's problems are not addressed appropriately as many would expect. This is an example of an ineffective counseling session:

Client: My name is Jimmy. I have a big problem of drinking and smoking.

Counselor: Jimmy, that is very pathetic of you. You very well know that drinking and smoking is bad. Why do you have to drink?

Client: I understand, but I can't explain why.

Counselor: It's okay, but drinking and smoking are very bad.. Now, what do you want me to do for you?

Client: I wanted to be assisted so that I can overcome the vice, and may be focus on my dreams.

Counselor: Okay I understand. However, it would be hard for someone who has been drinking to retrace his steps and become a better person. It takes more than courage to deal with this problem.

Client: So, as a professional in counseling, what do you advice me to do?

Counselor: It is not a matter of what I will advice you or not, it is all about your determination and need to change. In fact it is your duty to change and make sure you become a better person.

Client: So as a counselor, what is your advice?

Counselor: My advice, wait a minute. There is a lot that needs to be done in order to overcome this temptation. Do you think you can quit?

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Client: yes I think so.

Counselor: Do not think it is very easy. To begin with, are you a Christian by any chance?

Client: Yeah I am.

Counselor: That contradicts the whole idea here. A drinking Christian.... However I might not blame you, may be your background and parenting. It is a sin to drink, you know that?

Client: Yes I do.

Counselor: Anyway, it would be a long journey before you get rid of the vice. However, I will try my level best to help you as I can. As well, there is much more expected from you.

From the above examples, we will agree that an effective counseling would help the patient or client while the ineffective counseling will not. Effective counseling encourages the use of appropriate language and use of proper communication techniques in order the patient to receive necessary advice and solution to his/her problems.

Effective Experience. Custom Effective Experience Essay Writing Service || Effective Experience Essay samples, help

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