Using SWOT System

Special thanks to the department for granting an opportunity for conducting the research, the funds that facilitated the program and necessary insights that helped in the realization of the objectives. Thanks to Indian Rivers Mental Health Center for allowing their facilities to be used for the purpose of the study. Thanks to those who provided spiritual and mental support in the entire process.


The purpose of the research was to conduct organizational, structural and implementation methods of management in businesses and institutions that seeks effective and sound leadership. How the Indian River Mental Health Center is managed using SWOT system.


To learn how analysis and system SWOT works in busy organizations and to implement the policies in group, individual and collective environments to realize success and minimize losses.


The objective of the study was to employ the SWOT analysis in Indian Rivers Mental Health Center to analyze its management policies. The study focused on the analysis of the internal and external factors essential for developing organizational policies. The strengths are factors that are likely to have a positive effect on (or be an enabler to achieving the organization’s objectives. The weaknesses are factors that are likely to have a negative effect on (or be a barrier) to achieving the organization’s objectives. Opportunities are the external factors that are likely to have a positive effect on achieving or exceeding the organization’s objectives or goals not previously considered. The threats are the external factors and conditions that are likely to have a negative effect on achieving the organization’s objective or making the objective redundant or unachievable. A SWOT analysis in organizations and other establishment can be a simple and yet effective tool for ensuring that all appropriate factors are considered. In deed it ensures that managers, employees, and other staff members are considered along with the third party such as health officers, police among others that can form part of your community as they all have valuable contributions to make. It is used to develop strategies that capitalize on institutions strength, minimize the effects of any weaknesses, exploit available opportunities and defend against threats.

Strategic Plan: SWOT Analysis


The analysis called SWOT is a useful method for comprehending and understanding the strength and weaknesses and aids in identifying the available opportunities for the business to expand and identifying the available facts in the business. The SWOT analysis helps in devising the best and suitable environment for business in the market. When SWOT is used in a personal context, it helps the business owners to model the business careers that best suit their talents, opportunities and the best opportunities available. A study in the internal and external analysis and looking at the environment in any business is an important strategy for planning process. Environmental factors internal to the company are grouped as Strengths or Weakness and the environmental factors that are external to the company are grouped as Opportunities and Threats hence the analysis for the Business environmental plan is called SWOT analysis (Fine, 2009).


In this analysis, the environmental study based on SWOT model is going to look at the following key issues. The external forces and trends comprising the competitive analysis, technology, innovation and legal regulations. The internal trends and forces to be considered include strategy, structure, goals, culture, leadership and intellectual property. The above factors are going to be analyzed and studied in terms of strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. The strengths are majorly considered internal for example what one and his family are to bring to the business. The management and the employees contribution to the business, if one is planning to start a business, him or his employees or any other family member may have previous experience in that industry. If all the above are lacking this may be viewed as a weakness. If the business proprietor knows where to find help in order to meet the prerequisite expectations from the family members, from any employee in the business or by generating an idea on his own could be considered strength for the analysis (Ferrell, 2010).

Weaknesses are also majorly considered internal and are some of the factors one need to address in order to run a successful business. In the initial stages of the business, one might lack the experience needed in that field or industry. Some factors may be that the family members or the close relatives are not supportive in the manner expected for that particular business venture. The possibility of having inexperienced and unqualified employees may be a derailment to the company. Some factors may be that the businesses do not support the full time employees. Those may be identified as weaknesses. The opportunities in any business are considered external, the available opportunities for the business, taking the availability of low interest loan packages for the commencement of the business and also taking a grant for the pilot and feasibility study. Having some ideas that have not been tried elsewhere and having the absolute faith that there is high demand for the business or the products that you plan to produce. It is said that people with potential business are more likely to be more optimistic than those in the existing operations. The final category is the threat.

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Threats are considered external. Threats from the outside of the business may have significant effect to the business and one may not have any control over them If one is starting a new business, there may be some regulations locally or from the far ends that may affect the business negatively. The unforeseen competition both local and external like dissolution and crushes in the markets, are external factors to put the business in jeopardy. The increase in interest rates may have some adverse impact on the existing business than on the ones that are being started. The SWOT System of analysis therefore provides the necessary information that is of benefit and of help in matching the business resources and the ability of the firm to wade successfully in the competitive environment in which it operates. It is therefore instrumental in the formulation of strategy and for the selection of the best business opportunities that can function well. The following diagram shows how a SWOT analysis fits into an environmental analysis.

The best steps for the firm to realize the beat lucrative and profitable ventures, it should not pursue more lucrative opportunities but rather it may have better chances of devising the best competitive advantage by identifying a conjunction between the company’s strengths and the forth coming opportunities. In other cases, a firm may try to overcome the potential weaknesses in order to prepare to face and prepare for the compelling but available opportunities. SWOT method of analysis therefore can be used to start the strategy development and in some more advanced ways as a formidable method strategic tool. It is also used to get the understanding of the competitors which eventually gives the insights for to model a more comprehensive, coherent and successful competition plan and position.  SWOT Analysis requires the most realistic and well planned rigorous applications. It should be applied in all levels and augmented with other options that are available and appropriate (Griffin, 2011).

SWOT therefore is the best method to develop in an attempt to launch the evaluation of the business already in existence or that business opportunity yet to be established. The analysis looks at the trends and other paths that the business opportunity takes while in existence or the perceived way that the venture could take upon the establishment. It looks at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities ant threats and the trends that the business faces in the areas of operation, the field of competition, among others. Over rally the SWOT analysis looks at the internal and the external challenges that the company may face in the day to day operations. It is also used to evaluate the model of operation before establishing any business opportunity for the smooth running and operations.

SWOT and its applications are best employed in all the business ventures. There are several external and the internal forces comprising of legal, global, economic, technological, innovation, social, environmental and competitive analysis as the external forces in the investment ventures. The internal forces entail aspects like strategy, structure, resources, goals, processes and systems. The above said factors are key concepts of the business since they influence the business directly or indirectly and if not analyzed properly, the business venture may not suffice.  Businesses are faced with many threats and these threats should be analyzed using the SWOT model that will successfully look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats. The SWOT system of analysis has recourse measures that are called the trends that should be followed by the owners of the business. The trends help in the maintaining of the business so that the potential issues that may keep the life of the business in jeopardy to be mitigated minimized in order for the business to remain afloat.


All the business new and old always aspire to thrive and remain viable in the field saturated by competition that is cut throat, development of new technologies and the competent workforces that are determined to outdo the other competitors. The business main aim and objective is to thrive and realize its objectives. The objectives of the business can only be realized when the best approaches are put into place. The approaches that will realize the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities available for the business and the potential threats. The above analysis of SWOT therefore comes in handy to help the business plan that will make it productive and progressive. When the business becomes stable, the stability can only be maintained by practicing the correct methods and practices that have been tested and approved like SWOT analysis.


SWOT analysis has been utilized by many firms for the purposes of realizing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in organizations. The analysis has helped organizations to maximize on strengths and minimize the weaknesses that are potential threats to the collapse of the business. Firms should employ the SWOT system of management to realize the potentials and stressors in management. Further research is still need to explore all the areas of management that SWOT has not exploited.

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