The Baltimore Sun

We are two American gentlemen from Harvard. We are Transcendentalists, scholars and advocates of nature. We have advised different States at times of looming environmental crisis on the measures and environmental decisions that governments should take in order to rescue this crisis. We learned of your government’s suggestion to sell part of the State owned land to private developers though The Baltimore Sun. This land includes some parks, forested areas and other recreational areas. Sir, we will be humbled and honored to give you a piece of our mind regarding this projected plan. We believe that human beings should always and at all cost love what comes from the nature as what comes from the good. Maryland is the core of America’s God given natural beauty. The forests, the beaches and the amazing sceneries like the Harford County’s Rock State Park are significant to the people of Maryland as their form of identity. As a government, you have the obligation of challenging people to practice self-restrain in terms of maintaining the environment. We can describe this self-restrain as the duty of human beings to submit to other animals, plants and crops that exist on the face of the earth. State government should not leave the role of conservation of nature to the private sector.

Sir, the private developers argue that they want space to build houses for the people of Maryland. This is a well thought idea, but the consequences on the environment are detrimental and surpass the benefits. The hunter and the animal they hunt are big friends, therefore; the animal does not realize when the hunter wants to kill it. These are selfish people who want to gain at the expense of the nature. Sir, the government argues that it was to source money for the budget allocations. Environment or nature has no monetary value and cannot be replaced neither its cost of maintenance be estimated.

Sir, we scenery believe that you will rethink about this matter and its consequences. We kindly remind you that nature provides the best satisfaction to the human heart and represents the human feelings.

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