Supply Chain in Business

Supply chain in business ventures involves a sequence of task and steps between supplier and customers. Supply chain processes aims at promoting the availability of either products or service to the targeted customers in an industry. Roles played by supply chain are paramount in facilitating distribution of products and ensuring either products or services are already available in proximity to the customers. However, supply chain in the product-oriented company various from that of service based. Supplying products involves direct interaction and movement of the actual goods in the market. In airline industry, supply chain is complex based on the diversity of the sector and customer orientation. A supply chains deployed in the industry aims at accommodating customer diverse preferences and taking the service close to them. Virgin Atlantic Airways is renowned organization dealing airline service (Nadeau, Para 2/3). In order to broaden its market share, and enhance its competitive edge the company deployed unique supply chain techniques. Virgin Atlantic utilizes innovative techniques to facilitate interaction and supply of its services to the targeted customers around the ground. Relevant service information forms the fundamental input of the company toward interacting company-client interaction. The fact that the company is a global entity deploying avenues to give a close description of the services provided is crucial in tapping the global market.

In the current era of technological development, Virgin Atlantic endorsed an innovative supply technique through the Internet. The company utilizes technology and high-Internet connectivity in developing a supply chain that reflects market trends and preferences of customers. In addition, Virgin Atlantic as service-oriented organization establishes websites to facilitate interaction with the customer not only in Britain but also to every corner of the world (Nadeau, Para 4). Supplies of the company are centralized and formulated by the management of the company and are distributed to various parts. Therefore, the company information sharing and technological development are instrumental in organization supply chain.



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