Business Plan Proposal

Venture description: Delicious Donut and Coffee Shop is a sole proprietorship business venture. The donut shop was founded in 2012. The owner of the business venture is focused on having many branches in the United States of America. The founder of this business organization is Mr. Sybil Ammons.

Product/service: Delicious Donut and Coffee Shop will work in the retail sales of coffee, pastries, and donuts of various brands. The business enterprise will market its products via the internet site to ensure that clients are provided with fresh products on a daily routine.

Market: Delicious Donut and Coffee shop intends to have pride by providing the most delicious and freshest products to the public. The main branch will be established in California, but the entrepreneur has plans to have branches in various locations in the USA.

Structure: In this enterprise, Mr. Sybil owns 100% of the Delicious Donut and Coffee Shop and is the sole director of the organization; therefore, he is responsible for financing of the business.

Start-up costs: The proprietor will make use of Business Loan Proceeds that will focus on how the proceeds of the enterprise shall be utilized. The start-up costs include the Donut, Coffee, and Pastry costs estimated at $ 50,000, the kitchen equipment and other funds required for opening stock estimated at $ 10,000, and the working capital estimated at $ 60,000.

Price & profitability: Mr. Ammons plans to market the organization to a third party to gain considerable profits. The retailers of donuts, pastries and drinks will market their ventures with an approximate 1 to 3 instance income if the financial strength of the franchise remains intact.



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