Language Barrier

Language barrier is one major challenge that was experienced in this transaction. The Chinese clients selected an interpreter to help them communicate with the Canadians. It would have been better if the two negotiating sides had a common language. Information can always be distorted in the process of interpretation. The interpreter can also manipulate the information to fit his or her own desires. In the case of business transactions, the interpreter can quote a bigger sum of money yet a smaller denomination was intended. This can result into loss of moneys. The Canadians felt lonely since the interpreter conversed more with the Chinese than the Canadians. This results into some insecurity and los of trust. A more neutral interpreter should have neb hired.

The Canadian team did not have a strong relationship position. They were more interested in fixing the deal than interacting with their clients. The Chinese people like close interactions. They value friendship. The Canadians on the other hand are more business minded than relational. The difference in culture was displayed in this community position. The Chinese must have felt suspicious by this fast Canadian desire to close business. The relationship spirit is also evident when the Canadians are finally released to return to Canada. The speech delivered by the Chinese officer was so homely that the Canadians knew for sure that they had been selected to supply the equipment. In Canada, the losing bidder would be told out rightly that they did not succeed. The Canadians should embrace more of social life.

All the events proceeded as arranged by the Chinese. However, it should be noted that the Chinese could not have intended to put the Canadians on a disadvantaged position. The Chinese only did what their business ethics demanded. It must have been a company policy to treat their guests as they did to the Canadians. The Chinese took charge of all the programs right from day one. The Chinese had planned to entertain their guests first then engage in business deals later. This time table was however in contrast to the Canadian officers. The Canadians had intended to seal the deal before engaging in any other activities. There was a great exhibition of cultural conflict. According to the Chinese officers, they always put family first. Business comes second.

The presence of a Chinese interpreter can however be seen as an act of discrimination. The Chinese brought an interpreter who was more loyal to them than the Canadians. The report actually stipulates that the Canadians were left in suspense whenever the interpreter took more time in discourse with the Chinese. A more neutral interpreter should have been engaged. Better still, all negotiating parties should have used a common language that is well palatable to them all. However, it should be noted that the Chinese did not have any ill intents. They were just practicing their usual ways of dealing with business associates.



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