What Business Ethics Is

Businesses and companies are expected to have a top ranking chief executive officer (Robert, 2004). Every company develops a mission statement and outlines its vision. The chief executive officer is expected to provide the necessary directions about work to all the departments in the company. Since the chief executive officer becomes the head of the company, he/she is responsible for improving the standards of the company. The CEO is expected to take responsibility for all the staff members’ actions. He is also expected to talk on behalf of the company in times of crisis, as well as in triumph.

A company’s chief executive officer is expected to be responsible for all the activities and actions of the employees whom he/she leads. It is noted that most chief executive officers are left with the responsibility of recruiting more employees. Every CEO should hold the interviews for new workers and approve them as appropriate. This, therefore, means that he/she is expected to carefully ensure they carry out their assignments with diligence. The employees are expected to receive specific orders for all tasks from the chief executive officer. Therefore in case they fail, the CEO is responsible for failing the company.

Additionally, the CEO ought to plan for incentives in order to award the employees depending on their performance. The increase of the company’s productivity depends on how much the CEO handles the employees with an intention of motivating them positively (Robert, 2004). Therefore the CEO should be aware of every action an employee takes, so that no mistakes are made in accomplishing tasks.

Conversely, the CEO should be the spokesperson of the company in all the situations. Therefore, this means that the CEO should not claim to be unaware of the employees’ deeds. In case of illegal actions, he should provide exact details of the events. This means that he should keep in touch with the employees’ affairs. Incidences of illegal action in the company should be avoided by constantly training employees on the need to uphold the company’s objectives. With such trainings, employees are able to carefully do all things with the public good in mind.



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