The Reality of Love; the Fiction of Death

The novel tells the story of two men who have different perceptions and believes and the only thing they had in common is the nationality, both have their origin in Spain. The two Spanish nationalities were both in the airport in the United States. Due to bad weather and consequent delay of their flights, both must wait several hours to board.

One (Claudio, the narrator) is a professor of literature at United States for years in one of the Universities and was heading to Buenos Aires to give a talk in one of the conference being held in the place.

The other, Marcelo, is manager and leverages the opportunity to tell a story of something ghostly love that lived in Argentina's capital. The author of the novel looks at the work as not as along story but refers to the work as “a novella”. The size and the plot of the story make the work very interesting to any interested reader and thus more likely to secure the audience it can command.

The novel provides more insight rather than a simple conversation between two men. Among them are apparently wide gulfs between them and as time passes by and advances we see narration by Marcelo seems to wane. Looking at Claudio long time teacher who has adapted to the way of life in America and the university influence can be seen in something that is evident and reflected in their judgments and also the expressions shown.

The conversation is characterized by dots of English terms that when keenly scrutinized and observed reflects on the features of a biologist who is searching for the small differences that would be able to distinctively separate between two subjects of the same species and possibly observation seen is of the similarity between the species. Here we see Marcello finding it difficult to differentiate between the fiction and reality and also separating the intertwined love and death.

From the teacher’s perspective, he sees in his loquacious interlocutor personification the world that disdains some modification and there are deviations that are observable that are not well articulated. By way of mortar between the men we witness the coming and going of Carlota Fainberg, who can be looked as being a mysterious and voluptuous character in the novel.

The novel offers some support to the linguists to be able to do the translation of the work due to the fact that Claudio is a translator. Claudio was seeking to translate their anglicized culture to be able to gain a better understanding. We also witness breaks in the story flow such as Marcelo is involved in parsing and we see the recognition of both Spanish and the United States culture by the insight of the Spanish who has both ends of the two worlds and torn between them.



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