Personal Reflections by Scott Momaday

Momaday’s ‘personal reflections’ are described in his book A Rainy Day where he carefully and wit fully tells the history and myths of his tribe. The story tells about the Indian way of life as experienced by him when he was a boy. He further narrates the myths of his people explaining that they got the world through a hollow log and they are few in numbers because, while passing through the log, a pregnant woman stuck on her way through and hence barring other people from entering the world. He further shares the stories of himself as a child especially about events that took place in the society at then. He even recalls of the buffalo with steel horns, which to him was quite amazing.

He imagines a better, more beautiful and exotic place where people can be. For him, as a child, he sees wonderful places in the delight as they are filled with canyons and mountains. He further looks at the landscape as being full of both misery and life. For the sky, he looked at it as being like having horses which are in plains and angels made of geese in the sky. Scott supplements most of his stories and reflections as a child with factual notations and gives lots of personal reminisces of his past world. Through this he gets to understand his world and furthermore the place of humanity in it.

Through his reflections he also gets to emphasize on the creation of the society in the mind of a child. This is further accentuated by his learning of English which his mother encouraged him to. Through this, he presents the importance of learning whereby the child applies great imaginations and tries to explain issues and things that he sees and encounters in the society. We therefore learn from personal feelings and recollections that one is able to achieve and upload lots of values.



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