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The Quest for the Historical Jesus

The book makes an attempt to reconstruct biographical information about Jesus Christ using historical information and sources. In contrast to many other researches, the book concentrates on reliable historical facts and documents. The authors state that the common Spirit of God is related to Christ as the controlling factor of the Church's life, prompting members to Christ-like living. He produces a new and rich quality of community life. He is the foundation for that life. The book consists of 25 chapters and can be divided into three main parts: “the First Quest”, “the Period of no Quest” and “the New Quest”. They suppose that our turning to Christ is faith, while it is our decision, rests on a conviction that such faith is right and ultimately safe, and again, this conviction is God's work within us. The Spirit is as free and perhaps as unpredictable as the wind, but his character is that of Christ.

The authors use historical information from other religions and reconstruct biography of Jesus since his very birth. The book is based on philosophical doctrines and ideologies but distinguishes between historical and theological interpretation of Jesus life. An important part of the book is analysis of the Bible and historiography. The research finds that many primary sources describe that the Christ continues his work as Lord through the gift and work of the Holy Spirit. This is a symbolic way of saying that the risen Christ, of whom the book is speaking, sends into the world the divine Spirit (probably described as sevenfold to indicate the fullness of the gift). To attempt to express Christian love in absolute rules which do not correspond to a non-absolute existence leads inevitably to despair. The Christian life is a response in obedience and faith to God: it is living according to God's will as set forth in Jesus Christ. And it finds its vindication not in its success, judged by worldly standards in a world which does not wholly acknowledge Christ as Lord, but in the power of God and the redemption given in Christ. The importance of this research is that it presents Jesus Christ as a real person and allows readers to understand the personality and leadership of Jesus.



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