The Book of the Heath Anthology

Those familiar with the Paul Leuter’s book The Heath Anthology might overlook it as a challenge in terms.  After all, its main aim has been to expand all the writers and their works, in what is termed as the American Literature. Some years back, people used to be taught from a single book called The Twelve American Writers. Despite of all that, the major features of The Heath Anthology, which includes the writers’ diversity, styles, the heterogeneity of the subjects and the variety of forms has been retained successfully.  These features make up the rich literary culture of the American nation. At the same time, Paul Leuter has given out a substantial selection of the authors who are widely taught.

Under this book, the paper will analyze the work of the early nineteenth century. The section of the early nineteenth century emphasizes not only on the differences between the American Regions, but as well as the problems that wracked the ante-bellum America, such as the rights of the women and the abolition. Inside this section, we experience the writings and the writers who are in dialogue with each other, not forgetting the range of various political and social concerns that help distinguish cultural communities that are differing. The chapter also includes the units that have the focus on the development of the literary genres of fiction and poetry.

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Since there are a number of writers, in this paper, let’s consider mostly the works of Margaret Fuller's Woman in the Nineteenth Century and Mary Wollstonecraft's A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. The evaluation is a suitable one because both works connect the emancipator language of their day to a concern of woman's social role, making each a significant document for the history of feminism in America. To start with Margaret Fuller, a number of her themes concentrates around women and how they were treated within the American society. She as well concentrated on her travels and the events and things she felt that resulted and affected the women’s lives.

All what she did assist much to support in the feminist movement. It is believed that The Dial which was one of her publication changed both her life and that of a number of women around the American society. The Dial included writings such as the Man versus Men, The Great Lawsuit and the Woman versus Women, which she called for the equal opportunity of women. She gave some soft and harsh critiques concerning many writers of the time. Margaret Fuller mostly focuses on the cultural nationalism that took all parts of the America following the civil war. According to her bringing the nation up to the level of its cultural productions, was the main concern that was pressing.

Therefore, a number of people looked at the cultural project as the civil war extension of both the moral and political aims. There was an outstanding degree of consensus among the Americans thinkers engaged in this discussion. They included both the male and the female. The discussion was about the need to have a culture that favors every person and the methods for doing so. She continues to note that the 1865-1885 cultural nationalism gave out both an opportunity and a challenge. As of women who did not have a chance to fight in the civil war and whose cultural influence was historically limited mostly to feminine issues, were considered as the outsiders.

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Margaret Fuller’s work goes ahead to analyze that the cultural productions of women are both necessary to the plan of creating the American society. Although there are several positive sides of Mary Wollstonecraft, there are criticisms too. The Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism onVindication of the Rights of Woman although acknowledging the outstanding work of Mary Wollstonecraft as a writer, her constant fights for the rights of the women in America, there are also some critics that are visible about her. The current critic which of particular interest on the separation of the state and the church and her belief on individuals having the rights yet he was a slave owner.

The critics emphasize that her views on women, African Americans and Native Americans were not according to her stand of fighting for the rights of the individuals of the nation. In this work she claims that the people of America and everywhere in the world have all the rights to be respected and treated fairly. She refuted the idea that the government is the supreme controller of issues in the America but emphasized that God is the controller and the sustainer of human life. The impact of this work on America was commendable and made Mary Wollstonecraft to go ahead and write the Vindication of the Rights of Woman. In this draft Mary Wollstonecraft emphasized that the Americans held a common believe of having their own human rights.

The Vindication of the Rights of Woman is considered a literary work that made a new beginning in America. Her work stipulating the establishment of women rights in America. She also emphasized the need for the government to recognize the human rights of the people of America based on the conscience of each individual and not as depicted by any organization or body like the church or school. The act indicated that the liberty of individuals should be a different topic from the religious beliefs. The notes on the Vindication of the Rights of Woman also were a source of influence to the American history. This book which she wrote while in America shows issues like the environment of America, the flora and fauna which described the social and political organization of the America.

This work reflected Mary Wollstonecraft as a great scientist and a scholar. The criticisms claim that the ownership of slaves by Mary Wollstonecraft was a contradiction to her initial standing that she was fighting for the rights of people. Her failure to address the problem of slavery in America for a long time depicted her unconcern in the issue. The critics further indicate that Mary Wollstonecraft inherited slaves from both her father and father in law. Every year she owned about 300 slaves and most of them were at the early ages of eighteen. Despite this she used the slaves to perform her chores and only freed a few of them for some reasons that were very noticeable.

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In conclusion, all the two authors shared a general belief that a genuine change would come out through expanding discernments of the social and cultural discriminations working against them daily, though they were working in dissimilar genres. However it is significant to keep in mind that Fuller and Wollstonecraft took critically Thomas Jefferson's assertion that all men are created equal and labored all through their careers to give conspicuous meaning to his illustrious rhetoric. Scholarly anthologies now comprise work songs in the American tradition that hand round as women's communicative tradition and lullabies in Native American traditions, but neither form in Anglo traditions. As an appreciative of literature as social practice gains currency, and theories of rhetorical and folk traditions commence to report for women's oratorical and conversational forms of appearance, inquiry is opening into the ways that literature notifies women's speaking in the era, including African American activists and speaker-writers. Positively people who resisted change in the ordinary view of women, like the, went on to give notice to Fuller's work as misguided.

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