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A book report on Denmark and how they saved the Jewish people after the Nazis invaded and sent the Jews to the concentration camps. How the people of Denmark sent there Jews to Sweden to save their lives.

Denmark played a very significant role in assisting the Jewish people from the pursuing Nazis who were determined to force them into the concentration camps and eventually exterminate them from the world. The salvation came just in time since the Nazis led by dictator, Adolph Hitler, had already murdered hundred of thousands of Jews and were proceeding with their wicked campaign to exterminate all the Jews from Europe. This essay will highlight the bold moves by the Danes who decided to take responsibility for their Danish Jews compatriots by according them the necessary assistance to escape from the enemy, the Nazis, during the Holocaust period in the Second World War.

The Danish people were disgusted by the ongoing inhuman treatment of the Jews by the Nazis and were determined to help their Jews move to Sweden which was a neutral ground in order to save their lives.  

Denmark was indeed a civilized society whereby human rights were respected, team work and cooperation upheld, religious and ideological differences respected and generally all citizens lived in harmony caring for and respecting each other. This was in sharp contrast to the society envisioned by the Nazis who were increasingly expanding their occupation and ideas throughout Europe. They were only bent on acquiring military might throughout Europe and to get rid of all Jews and anyone who did not support their doctrines (Ellen 54).

The Swedish people were hospitable to the Danish Jews escaping extermination by the Nazis. This was an important factor that helped in the resistance since a hostile reception in Sweden would have rendered the mission to save the Jews futile. All the Jews were warmly welcomed and received human treatment against the intention of the Nazis. Sweden would be a home away from home until the ongoing resistance movement by the remaining Danes would lead to the recapture of their country and the safe return of the Danish Jews back home. The future at this point was uncertain hence the Jews had to contend with the refugee status hoping for a good end to their ordeals (Parsons & Strom 89).

Many Jewish people had already gone into hiding making the exercise to deliver them abroad very challenging. It was indeed an uphill task not only to locate the Jews but also to convince them that they would be safely transferred to Sweden since they were skeptical about the condition in Sweden. However the mission continued and many Jews managed to escape to Sweden by Sea since Denmark is separated from Sweden by sea.

Jews were loaded into boats and ferried across to Sweden in the cover of darkness in an operation that took place throughout the country. The Danes had the undying determination to save their Jewish compatriots since they saw it as a responsibility bestowed on them by virtue of being Danes to protect and deliver them away from the Nazis who had planned all manner of retributions against them. These bold actions saved a large number of Jews who would have otherwise come to a rather unpleasant fate (Laqueur& Baumel 73).

The Danish government was also supportive in the exercise by its out right refusal to surrender its Jews or help the Nazis locate them. In addition the government concluded negotiations of the Jews from concentration camps as the Nazi influence began to dwindle in the culmination of the Second World War. Danes, notwithstanding their positions or occupation participated in the noble mission to save their brothers with the help of their government. The clergy, policemen, fishermen and the general public joined hand to resist the occupation of their country by the Nazis and concurrently protect and move their Jewish brothers to Sweden.

The Danes were indeed noble in their solemn declaration not to just stand by and watch as their compatriot Jews were sent to concentration camps, deported and mercilessly killed by the Nazis. This was a risky affair since anyone caught hiding or helping a Jew escape was liable to punishment by death. The Danes hid the Jews, forged their papers so that they won’t be identified as Jews, made underground tunnels for escape and gave food and money to facilitate the escape.

In conclusion, it is proper to appreciate that the massive campaign in resistance of the Nazi occupation in Denmark was invaluably necessary in order to ensure the safer escapade of the Danish Jews at this time barred juncture.

Darkness over Denmark. Custom Darkness over Denmark Essay Writing Service || Darkness over Denmark Essay samples, help

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