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In Norton Reader politics and governance have been portrayed a lot in terms of democracy which has been defined as the rule by majority opposed to one or a monarchy with the best being half the people being right more than half the time. Imperialism is highly rebuked with criticism and hatred being subjected to those practicing it, with good governance being advocated for like in the “Tyranny of Majority”. Governance should be full of justice and the rights of everybody must be guarded to the latter. Governments are instituted among citizens from which they derive their power and any alteration to the desires of the people the government should be abolished and another put in place. Civil disobedience is advocated for in cases where unjust law is used for it is the moral responsibility of all people to protest such laws through nonviolent means.

 Science and technology in Norton Reader is largely dominated by philosophical schools of thoughts and sources of genius ideas. While it is viewed that Science and technology is predominantly as a result of schooling and training, the authors portray it is natural and inductive. The human brain is capable of bringing life where there is none like in puppetry that indicates that even the disabled can be adjusted to achieve success. Scientific reasoning is both creative and imaginative and thus its ability to describe everything.  The term explanation has no distinctive difference with describing according to Weinberg (2002) thus science can literally explain everything.

Gould (1979) argues that Inductivism can be compared to architectural process with each fact representing a brick and any theory or talk before the final brick is place signifies immaturity thus incomplete structure. Inductive theory suggests that discovery is a final stage that gives the truth following a series of calculations, observations and empirical evidence. It acts as an impediment to understanding the process of scientific creativity and discovery. Eurekaism is equally not productive and an obstacle too for it is more elitist and hierarchical characterization of scientific characterization. A middle road should therefore be adopted that marries good aspects of both theories and displaces elitist qualities of Eurekalism and pedestrian qualities of Inductivism.

A good writer needs a good reader and a good reader needs a good writer. Nabokov (1948) wants a reader to read more with his spine than reading with his ‘heart’ and with his ‘brain’. Magic, story and lesson on the other hand should be the qualities of a good writer. These qualities put both the reader and writer in harmony after the written word makes them meet in common ground. The writer must perfect as a good story teller, teacher and enchanter while the reader must have good understanding of the language used, good imagination and good memory for the story to flow.  Moving Along by Updike (1981) shows that flow of information is prerequisite for better understanding in the field of literature work and having the reader have a better understanding of the message the author gives. The reader only comes into terms with the writers mind through the flow or moving along with the literature so that the imagination that the work is intended to achieve is achieved.

Philosophy and religion in Norton Reader are correlated in that achievement from philosophical point of view is dependent of religion. For one to achieve what he/she has perceived, passion for the thing perceived is vital. In addition to this, prerequisite knowledge is necessary because ability to see is as a result of experience and learning according to Dillard (1974). This leads to achievement which according to Thoreau (1983) is a philosophical achievement through which paradise fit for gods is available everywhere if only one can perceive it. This is also greatly improved by faith which alongside humor enables the individual to fulfill his/her obligation in showing loyalty to the city near him and the world in general.

According to the article We Ten Million most authors have been frustrated by novel writing for millions are busy writing but rarely publish them for the costs exceed the earnings. Literature is the only thing that keeps them in the profession fiction writing playing a major role. Another article reveals that brains like to keep it real, with the brains having a larger cue for an object once it has been seen than before it was seen. Checkpoints in Islamabad don’t just serve as spots to prevent terrorism but also as advertising medium through which terror is rebuked according to Nakamura (2010). Halloween is one day that has many events around especially with kids but fears have been raised on dangers it poses to them thus calls for its elimination which is exceeded to the joy it brings to children. According to Blake (2009) sometimes we are limited by our selfhood that leads us to have ill morals in the society and this can be overcome through practicing love, courage and poetic imagination that does not give up on itself. 

The Norton Reader. Custom The Norton Reader Essay Writing Service || The Norton Reader Essay samples, help

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