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According to my understanding and analysis, the entire book revolves around Jack, and his morals or ethics values; whether or not he is a man of high-quality and moral character. As he resolves his challenges, I discover that he reflects on his life past days, present moments, and future expectations; all he does simultaneously and the entire time he is called to handle a case. The character also has reoccurring dreams that cannot permit him to have a sense of peace or closure in his life. He is a tormented soul.

The main character of the book is Jack Morgan, and the rest are second tier characters. Jack Morgan has a remarkable selection of detectives and experts supporting his play. Sci, the technology guru in charge of all the gadgetry and encryption contravention during the flow of the novel, is tier character working hand in hand with jack in his quest to solve cases. The devices were very advanced and complex. Other characters involve including Jack's best friend, who is alleged of slaying his wife, the NFL scandals, through jack's uncle, and the local law enforcement personnel who refuse a job from the local Mafia and a group of renowned artists. The other character is Rick Del Rio, who was with jack in Afghanistan, and a friend of his.

In addition, jack deals with his envious twin brother, Tom and the ongoing romantic circumstances. These characters are credible, and they satisfactory play their roles. However, the resolution of the romances cases lowered Jack's credibility a bit, and I think it was to portray his imperfection and was capable of failing like any other pro investigators. Jack gets into problems and has constant enemies calling him every single day and telling him "you are dead" (Patterson & Paetro 312).

My favorite character was Jack; this guy has ambition, strength of mind, and guts too. I have to confess he was very self-assured and showed some huge kahunas in how he took care of the Noccia Crime family. He articulate very carefully before making moves, a trait most people do not display very often. It is almost as Jack is playing a game of chess with his own life. He has a better understanding of the environment and a good support system of creating, "a No better ally, and No worse foe" attitude (Patterson & Paetro 200). He is certainly a ladies' guy, and he does not even have to try to lure or impress them. However, I think it is time for him to find one and settle down. It is better if he quits chasing those dragons, for they are there to devour.

I would relate with jack because he has a character trait I admire. How he handles his challenges is inspirational to me, however, no one is perfect, and he is honest to portray that fact. I enjoyed reading the book, and it has lessons that I learned. The most favorite part is how Jack deals with his jealous twin, and handles the romance situation. It is an interesting thriller. The parts I would change when given chance are the NFL scandals, which I feel, are a little misplaced. The solutions of the investigations did not have the expected surprises; I would try to give the anticipated surprises. The book is suitable for persons who understand the thriller plots and expectation. This person could be a fun of thriller movies.


The book ironically ends with NFL scandal and events based on this particular case as the best part of the book. It is a well-written thriller, however, fall short of Author's prowess known.

Private . Custom Private Essay Writing Service || Private Essay samples, help

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