Healing of America


In the Healing of America, the author displays how the rest of developed democracies have accomplished something the American cannot seem to give its deserved attention; providing healthcare services for every citizen at an affordable cost. In his international expedition to discover an achievable recommendation, Reid visits prosperous, liberal market, industrialized democracies like Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan where he gets inspiration (Reid 288). The author share facts from government officials, health care experts, doctors, and patients all over the world, discovering that foreign health care regulations and systems give every citizen excellence care at an affordable rate.  The trepidation monster referred to as socialized medicine by the United States turns out to be a myth to them. Most of the developed countries provide collective coverage with private hospitals, private insurance, and private doctors working hand in hand with government facilities.

In addition to well created health care system, Reid also analyzes nations that have implemented major health care transformations. The first problem facing these countries and the Americans, is an ethical issue, which must be undertaken: Is health care a human right? The author realized that most nations have already agreed with the statement and their duty is to provide that right, leaving the United States in the gloomy moral blackout with nations below American standard contemplating on the issue.

The book displays the moral question at the sensitivity of the United States' distressed system, dissecting the deceptive rhetoric surrounding the health care deliberations. Reid observes problems in the way the system treat doctors, provide services to the view who can afford the services. He compares this with endless queues in Canada, inadequately paid doctors in Japan, ill-treated patients in Britain, simple facilities in France. Still, all the other rich nations function at a lesser cost, make better health statistics, and cover every citizen. In summary, the book gives basic standards that the United States can borrow to provide a health care to all of its citizens (Marianne 366).

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Health care as a human right

Health care is an ethical issue that has been in debate for a long period of time. Some nations have embraced it as a human requirement while others still treat it with a lot of contempt. Ethically we speak of doing something, which is right in the society; U.S has a lot of moral issues which it must address. Healthcare is the fundamental one the government must assess and implement. However, the American government must seek other ways of addressing healthcare provision, which are in lined with the budget and financial strength. Comparing U.S with other nations' mode of health provision is not appropriate since every nation has its method of handling health issues and America has been dealing with health problems and still seeking reform processes ( Philip 1-2). There are well established human right agencies in this nation and theirs, under their policy help provision is taken as a human right which must be

The author of the book analyses that other developed nations agreed to the question of health being a human right except America and other developing countries. Health is essential factor for growth of a nation; a healthy nation implies good health and healthy citizens increase productivity of their nation. It is not a matter of agreeing to the question without analyzing the consequences. I disagree with the author to extent since he analyze that these countries, which have agreed to the question, still faces various problems in implementations. America is reluctant and will in the near future agree after putting in place best practices to avoid or reduce the related problems.

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Some could argue that the quality of health provided is very critical, yes that is true because health services must be provided satisfactory. When the quality is good does not necessarily mean that the cost must be so high that others cannot afford it.

Reid shows how other highly developed countries simply combine government regulation and universal coverage with entrepreneurialism and admiration for market challenges to provide high quality health care at low cost.  A simple practical truth that the United States cannot take for granted. It is not ignored, health reform agencies in America uses such challenges to design better means of implementing the reforms and transformation in health sector (Vadim 1-2).

Other nations like Japan and France have quicker access to a wide range of health care providers than most American do; no cost for seeking services from other sector apart from government sector. No one is denied insurance cover in these nations meaning medical bankruptcy is non-existence. The costs are lower in these nations than in America. Cost is relative to the service provided and the services provided in America facilities are of high quality that is why they seem a little costly than these nations.

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Germany and Switzerland have managed to grant general coverage while conserving a greater task for competing insurance companies and private sector doctors than the United States does. In these nations, it is true that state regulation and price monitoring also take part in control measures. The United States' government in different aspects undertakes government involvement in health facilities. The insurance cover and medical support provisions are in place.

The book talk of moral or ethic questions which must be answered with a yes or no answers. This is a narrow aspect of analyzing a grave matter like health and should not be subjective that the nation said no, it has been reluctant in regards to answering the question which is an obvious yes, because means must be good and sustainable.

The author articulate problems which are facing Japan, Britain, France and Canada as lack of proper planning before implementing the policies, in addition some patients are being mistreated. These are problems, which are avoidable by proper plan, which look into sustainability of the program and future demands preparedness. Population grows at an alarming rate, and economic problems are challenges every nation faces, how you plan, and implement policies is very fundamental to sustainability. Poor conditions in health facilities deteriorate patients' conditions and can cause unnecessary casualties. Endless queues in Canada, mistreatment of patients in Britain and inadequate facilities in France are example of problems related to poor implementation plan and united state as a super power should be exemplary (James, Liebermann, & Pamela 270).

In conclusion, of the book, it is recommended as a good news book. It finds examples around the world that Americans can borrow to warranty health care for every citizen who needs it. The book is a good guide for developing world and other nations missing proper procedure for implementation of reforms. The United States has ever been in front of this analysis only seeking proper implementation policies, which are sustainable. The citizen are getting the medical facilities except in every society, there are some cases, which cannot be serviced equally.


The author of the healing of America, deed a very good job in analyzing other nations' health care facilities cause this has help in enormous improvement. However, some of his analysis does not reflect the true picture of American health care. Healthcare is a debate, which has not been exhausted, and there are no nations, which can be self sufficient enough in solving health related problem.

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