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Who Moved my Cheese

Essentially, the concept of change sparks intrigue and irritation when mentioned in any facet of life. "Who Moved My Cheese" is a book written by Spencer Johnston and it provides a clear and vivid metaphor for handling change in our day-to-day encounters, both at work and at the work place. In real life, cheese could be anything and one can replace the cheese with less money, more money, challenges or fortunes.   

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I was asked to read this book because it is provides an account of a very moving and motivational story that is grounded on the idea of change. The concept of change is reflected in the challenges and tribulations faced by the main characters in the story. The book challenges all people who are faced with changes in their lives to anticipate them, accept them and use them to advance their situations. Additionally, the book underlines the importance and significance of change as a very crucial aspect of life, which should not be avoided or resisted. Essentially, it will enable me to recognize some of the change management skills to navigate through the different changes in my personal and professional life.         

There are various techniques and philosophies mentioned in this book and I am convinced that I can use or apply them in various aspects of my life. The book informs the reader to anticipate change, adapt and enjoy change. It underlines the fact that we should always anticipate change. There is no doubt that change is a constant in our lives, however, very few individuals take their time to anticipate it , or even plan on how to overcome the tribulations or opportunities that change might bring throw way.

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Through the book, I also learn that the most important ingredient in dealing with changes is attitude. A considerable number of individuals fail to achieve their goals because they don't embrace change and think of it as opportunity instead of a burden. Indeed, when you think that change will be difficult and burdensome, then that is what it will be for you. On the other hand, when you act and think positively, you will always have a positive experiences and results with the changes that you endeavor to make. The changes we make in our lives are widely driven by our attitude.

Adaptation and flexibility is also very crucial in a society that is characterized by changes in approximately all sectors. For this to happen, one has to be very open minded and they must be willing to listen to divergent opinions and perspectives. Further, all individuals have to recognize that change is very good and some aspects of change are not realized immediately, therefore, patience must be exercised.                     

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The contemporary society is very fluid and changes are always witnessed in all aspects of life. The book highlights the fact that most individuals believe that a change from their usual routine can lead to adverse consequences, instead of believing that the intended change might lead to a better and grand things. It makes me to realize that change can be very rewarding and positive so long as I decide to abandon my old ways both in my personal and professional life. Change is very important both in our personal and professional lives and we have to anticipate it, adapt to it and embrace it. The interesting aspect about change is that I can always bring t into my own life. I can always choose to embrace it or to resist it.

Who Moved my Cheese. Custom Who Moved my Cheese Essay Writing Service || Who Moved my Cheese Essay samples, help

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