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The aging process is a cumulative change in the body with time that makes a person more and more susceptible to diseases and death. The cascade that leads to the aging process lowers the immune responses of the body and makes the functioning of body systems less efficient. The process has various agents that cause it within the body. Methods of slowing down the biological clock target these agents to curb aging at any point within the reaction chain. These include free radicals like oxygen, gene transcription factors, and co-factors and co-enzymes of reducing agents within the body. Heat shock protein transcription helps to produce proteins and maintain the oxidative state of the preventing them from aging.

The use of dietary plans and supplements that encourage the reduction of deleterious cell processes, which lead to uncontrolled and premature apoptosis, reduce the aging process. Glutathione and nucleotide syntheses control the oxidative state of the body reducing cell destruction. These diets and supplements inhibit NF-kB and the mTOR signaling pathways as well as being anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents to reduce agents. Surgical procedures such as facelifts and Botox remove the manifestation of aging in the physique of an individual. Continued exercise keeps the body systems in check delaying the aging process.

The reduction of the aging process has beneficial effects on old persons as some of them increase their life span and their competitiveness in the activities they participate in. These include the alleviation of risks of cancer and the reduction of susceptibility to cardiovascular and nervous diseases. Exercise, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory drugs and relevant diets are among such methods that have these beneficial effects as they slow down the aging process. However, surgical procedures come with a plethora of risks as they are mostly cosmetic. These are mostly wants rather than needs and they have no physiological benefits. They decrease the physical manifestation of aging without reducing the physiological aspects of the process. These put the life of the patient at risk and raise numerous ethical issues. The process boosts the self-esteem of an individual as it creates a good public appearance (Tiwari & Torrellas, 2008).

The idea of slowing down the aging process has a massive following that motivate the progress in the research and the sale of the products in this industry. The fear of death by the masses makes them welcome the idea of slowing the process of aging to lengthen their lifestyle. The maintenance of youthful virility by this cause makes it steadfast in its progress. Several, if not all people, want to enjoy the pleasures of life without the need for anti-aging guidance.

The reduction of the aging process will offset the balance of the society. The peer relations change as physique will not depend on age. The lifespan of a society with several people that adopt the methods of slowing aging will increase. This increases the population leading to population pressure. This is because the process also increases the virility of the population. Individuals that go through this have to go through several medications and restrictive diets. The highly controlled lifestyle might lead to a lack of participation in some pleasures of daily life like high sugar foods. In the long run, biological processes still take effect, and the speed, at which this occurs when the body finally resists intervention to prevent its aging, can negatively affect an individual tremendously. The hormone changes, physical wear-out and disease susceptibility can be overwhelming (Payton & Poland, 1983).

The provision of services to the elderly makes them feel as though they are not sufficient for themselves. The resignation of the elderly to their aging leaves them disturbed and insecure. A resolution to this lies in a psychological therapy to enable the elderly to accept their situation and make the best of it.

The escapist nature of humans from their problems compels them to go for these ways of slowing down the biological clock. The effects of these procedures have benefits in that it maintains the immunity of the elderly and increase their lifespan. This makes these processes good for individuals as well as the society.

Slowing Down the Biological Clock. Custom Slowing Down the Biological Clock Essay Writing Service || Slowing Down the Biological Clock Essay samples, help

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