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Not unless human beings have made the efforts to unveil the underlying secrets within the environment, they will never get to know their uses. Plants known to be having the components that help in medicinal fields can be termed as medicinal plants. These plants grow and can survive at various places across the whole world. Various types of plants fall under medication purposes by human beings. The health of a person remains good through the help extracts from the plants. Most of these plants grow at Tennessee and its suburbs (Harrington 12).

An example of a medicinal plant is the butterfly weed. Its name emanated from the butterflies that it attracts around it. It other name is the Indian nosy. Its other names include Chigerflower, Pleurisy Root, Swallowwort, Yanagi-Towata and Orange Swallow-Wort. The nectar within it attracts the butterflies and the color of the plants. It scientific name is Asclepias Tuberose. It grows mostly in the parts of North America. It also grows at the southern part of Colorado and Florida. It does well in dry areas thickly covered with long grass. It has leaves that are bright orange in color. It belongs to the milkweed family. It grows in some periods according to the kind of climate within the area (Church 9).

The extracts from the plant helps in making medicines. The first plantation is from its seed, which give good yields when planted in the month of august. It grows two feet tall. The flowers blossom between the month of September and July. It can withstand high temperatures as compared to other kind of plants. The extracts from the plant help in curing running noses, rheumatics, open wounds and bronchitis. It brings down the congestion within the chest in Brochtis patients. In pneumonia patients, it works effectively due to the diaphoretic content within it. Initially, it helped in treating diarrhea, eczema and dysentery. It is also effective in releasing excessive gasses in the stomach. In the early days, it worked best in purifying the body from impurities. In addition, it acted as a body lotion during ceremonial days (Harrington 12)

However, butterfly weed varies from other milkweed plants because they do not contain any milky juice within them. When cut, they do not produce a lot of juice. It is both medicinal and edible to the human body. It is not poisonous for human consumption. Apart from these two, it benefited in manufacturing clothing for the early American people. The recommended dosage by the physicians is one to two capsules after the three daily meals. They should not be taken in excessive. When overdosed, it leads to excessive vomiting and diarrhea. The medicine will react when administered to certain groups of people. These include the pregnant, breastfeeding mothers, people undergoing hormonal or heart medications. The butterfly weed remains unique due the fact that it has no milky sap within it like other milkweed plants. It looks handsome as compared to the other types of milkweeds (Church 29)


Having originated from the Northern parts of America, the butterfly weed has spread to other parts of the country due to its use. It comes with varied names like Canada Root and Fluxroot among others. It has brought remedy for various kinds of patients whose health conditions have been poor for a long time. Other plantations look more similar to a butterfly weed. An example of this is the Lanceolate milkweed. It is very easy to confuse between the two. However, to differentiate it from the rest it bears some unique features. It bears a greater number of flowers as compared to the rest and has stems covered with hairs. The simplest method of differentiating it is through breaking and observing whether it does not produce milky substances. In conclusion, the butterfly weed has been of great help to the human beings (Harrington 28).

Medicinal Plant . Custom Medicinal Plant Essay Writing Service || Medicinal Plant Essay samples, help

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