ESA Efficiency

1. Based on your interpretation of the essays briefly summarize the main arguments for and against ESA. Which arguments are most compelling and why?The argument on the effectiveness of ESA based on evidence could be considered as the most compelling part of the presentation. The essayist tries to argue that most of the success stories of ESA that are reported have not been completely because of the ESA implications at all. Upon research, the said essayists are enabled to find that the most compelling idea that suggests its effectiveness apparently happened even during the times when the said act on saving endangered species and biodiversity still did not exist.2. Each essayist uses a data to support his argument. Do you feel that the data have been incorporated in to the arguments very effectively? Explain your answer.The data were effective enough. In fact, the essay has been given more depth and authenticity due to the fact that the information shared in connection with the arguments presented are well researched and are strong enough when it comes to the definition of plain opinion from that of the evidence-based arguments presented through the writing.3. Consider the following two statements:

a. The ESA is an effective means of conserving the biological diversity of the USThis statement could be found a bit compromising due to the fact that sometimes, the definition of "effectiveness" makes the argument more voidable especially without the supporting evidences that are supposed to present the supposed "effectiveness" of a matter.b. the ESA harms species by encouraging the destruction of essential habitatPractically disagreeing on the idea that the other line explains, this line has been supported by evidences [as per read from the essay]. It could be noticed that the evidences point out to the idea that the search for endangered species which was empowered by ETA moved a lot of groups all together for the search while not seemingly understanding the fact that they are already ruining the habitat of the species causing more issues on biodiversity.4. Based on your review of the essays and the Web sources provided above, describe two alternative policy approaches that you think can be more effective than ESA in protecting endangered species biodiversity?

Not to remove ESA from the picture at all, but to be supported by NEPA [National Environmental Policy Act] and EIS [Environment Impact Statement] is the seeming solution that the author of this paper aims to suggest. The author believes that through the work of these through governmental guidelines all together, ESA could be implicated in a more effective approach. Practically, the more the government policies protecting the process of saving the endangered species and biodiversity are, the more effective the approach could be.5. The mission statements found the about section of non-profit organizations represented by the web sources differ respectively. How does your review of these statements affect your interpretation of the data and the arguments they offer?Having been able to read the mission statement of an organization and the sources by which the administrators based these idealisms from provides a clear and concise introduction as to how the data shall be presented later on as further site browsing occurs. The head-start that the mission statement provides the surfer basically entails to give the searcher a chance to oversee what particular stand these non government organizations are pertaining to.6. Do these sources seem reliable to you?Somewhat reliable, the sources used by websites at some point basically increase the chance of making the entire web presentation authentic and trustworthy. However, for this to happen, each source should be checked for validity and reliability as well based on their history, their background and the legitimacy of their existence in the worldwide web.7. Is the weight of the evidence enough to persuade you to agree with one point of view or another? Has your viewpoint changed from what is prior to your research?The author's view has definitely changed upon reading the selection provided. Basically, seeing the truth behind a particular issue only becomes clear if evidences are already presented. The research that has been further performed by the essayist provides a clear vision that opens up the chance on the proper identification of the major points that concerns the legitimacy of each evidence presented. Practically, the essayist did not mean to distrust the existence of ESA or suggest such an idea but to propose the need to support the ESA application with other stronger governmental implementations so as to assure its effectiveness in completing the duty that it has been appointed to pursue.

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