Visual Arts

My interest in life has always been to tell stories with images based on truth or fiction. Since it is interesting to hide the truth from an observer and let them seek the meaning and truth themselves, art is my preferred area of study. I often like to create visual surprises to delight the viewer. My artistic works are unrealistic representation that almost creates a feeling of hallucination. I draw landscapes, and schematically sculpture figures impelled by concealed sources. Since visual art is a representation of artistic works which are primarily visual. My art range form drawings, ceramics, sculptures, paintings, design, printmaking and craft.

Waterbury Arts Magnet School Located in Waterbury, Connecticut is one of the best art schools that I would like to join since it provides the best exposure to young upcoming artists. It considers the study of visual arts and how it is likely to occur in natural setting. The school understands that the society is developing and moving beyond old artistic representation.

I will be able to learn and recognize meaning and familiarize myself with everyday world. From the school, I will be able to make sense of my surrounding and manage my art in a manner to overlook the basic facts. The school enables life to appear familiar, evident and obvious for me to represent in art. The training I will get will give me the opportunity to look at situations, objects and qualities of art at length. The school exposes students to appreciate fundamental strangeness in art that enables them have an all round visual representation.

Since art allows taking things out of context in a day to day visual representation, the Waterbury Arts Magnet School enables personal examination of accepted reality in a critical way. I will finally achieve a way of representing unreality in a stylish illustration to form elements using sophisticated techniques learnt in the institution. The school builds ideas that will enhance representation of art.



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