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The Ravine by Van Gogh

Many famous artists have created different pieces of art, which depict events, feelings or emotions experienced during their life. Van Gogh’s passion and constant contemplation of life, religious zeal, intense spirituality, sincerity, violence, enigmatic illness and the resultant suicide at the age of 37 have contributed to the development of different myths concerning life and work of famous artist. Van Gogh’s paintings merge his life experience and bring out a beautiful artistic impression that is unique in itself.

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The Ravine of the Peyroulets by Vincent Van Gogh is a representation of a ragged terrain in the countryside that combines the use of color, texture and beauty, creating an incomparable piece of art. The painting depicts a valley, surrounded by steep walls with shrubs growing on both sides. Van Gogh used a mixture of green, yellow, red and blue to paint a beautiful valley, full of life. From the upper left corner, he concentrated shades of dark colors to depict a thick vegetation growth. The other side of the cliff is much clearer, since it has fewer vegetation cover. On the far horizon, the background is a continuation of the cliff and is quite lighted compared to the sky.  This indicates the time when the artist painted this picture. The cloud cover is light and not very obvious on the picture. At the bottom of the valley there is a flowing river that is blue on the background and yellow as it approaches the foreground. The river looks rapid as it flows along the raised banks. Two women in red are crossing the river, trying to climb the valley on the right.

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During his short life, Van Gogh worked as an art dealer and also as a school master, before he joined Amsterdam University in 1877. Van Gogh was a self-taught artist that is why his first works were clumsy and created using heavy paints. The first pictures were simple and represented the life of the poor. As he developed his artistic skills, he got acquainted with the artists like Toulouse-Lautrec, Gauguin, Seurat, and Pissarro, but majorly, his works were influenced by Millet. Since then, Van Gogh has used colors to express the different moods, he experienced in life. For example, he was attracted by the reds and yellows of the Mediterranean Sea, which was one of the symbols of his works. The experienced stress and sheer physical and mental exertions have led to the serious illnesses. As this condition worsened, Van Gogh’s painting became intense and facile at the same time, more daring and accomplished.

The painting The Ravine of the Peyroulets by Van Gogh is admired by any observer, as well as by an experienced art expert, who is able to identify the main motive of the painting, its symbols and value. The use of different arrays of colors, concentrated on a small space, depicted Van Gogh’s emotional turmoil. It is possible to see the harsh terrain painted with red and yellow. Despite the beauty of the picture, it is not clear, why the artist has chosen strong shades of grey.

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Finally, despite the stress and sheer physical and mental exertions, experiences by Van Gogh, his paintings became intense, daring and accomplished. His works merge all the feelings and emotions, bringing out a beautiful and unique artistic impression. He used the symbols of different objects and nature to express the turmoil, which confronted him, and the misfortune, which he tried to overcome, to achieve better life. Unfortunately, Van Gogh could not cope with his life, misery and illnesses, which resulted in his death at an early age.

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