Leonardo and Michelangelo Art Work

Michelangelo and Leonardo came out as the greatest and all time artists. Their artwork had many points of differences and similarity. They were both Renaissance artists this implies that they together had a similar objective of having art in Rome restored to its original glory. However, their differences arise from how they chose to pursue their objective.

Leonardo da Vinci was born in the year 1462; he was a High Renaissance Italian sculptor, engineer, painter, scientist, architect and inventor. His painting was remarkable since they had incredible details, which gave them, a real look. The works had a lifelike appearance due to the various textures and shadow effects. He took his art to a scientific perspective, and his drawing normally began as a research and after a proper understanding of both the outside and inside, then he starts to develop masterpieces. His work was thumping on details; all categories of details were captured beginning from bodies and concluding with landscape and cloth. Furthermore, he was self taught and not religious.

Michelangelo opted for both sculpture and drawing. His drawing attempted to return the lovers of art to what is described as the worship of the human body. He was perfect and accurate as far as the human form was concern. To him human body as a piece of art was fascinating, and in most cases, he would want to form his own beauty “gods.” In addition, Michelangelo was well educated and religious; this is evident by the spiritual nature of his work.

Again, there is a difference in style; the style difference is not in the sculpture but in painting. Michelangelo had been characters look muscular, and his painting had less cloth. On the other hand, the artwork of Leonardo da Vinci captures all the details necessary from clothing to landscape and facial.

For Leonardo, it was difficult to separate art and science, this is evident by his choice of style because he had to transform his research findings into a figure that foster awareness of the real happening in the world. The same is also witnessed from his combination of a status as a painter together with visionary inventions. His art work was the incorporation of both theory and scientific approaches. He found involvement and careful observations to be essential in doing any artwork. His work was dominated by a theme of “knowing how to see.” For him seeing meant more than perception, but was made up of attempts to unravel any underlying principles and forces. Painting as an art is an essential element of the scientific process.

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Leonardo da Vinci painting career started at a time when a culture of downright strange and highly figurative paintings was prevalent. He made a decision use his realistic elements and perspective to create paints that were fresh and bold that is he wanted to be objective. The decision of Leonardo to become objective and realistic is agreeable to me because it leads to a creation of artwork that has a rendition of life.

Michelangelo choice of less realistic artwork arose from his desire to have artwork that serves theological reasons. His combination of both Christianity and Pagan elements in the “Last Judgment” was to surpass and imitate the feature of classical antiquity, it was for theological reasons, Mary appears as the goddess of love, and she had malformed pagan love hooked on Christian love. On the other hand, the linkage of Christ to the sun god Apollo is an indication of his superiority to his pagan antecedent. He is just trying to spell out his theological aspects in a fashion that is poetic.

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Question 4

Saladin in the tale comes out as a powerful sultan. With his powerful position, he decides to exercise his power in an unhealthy way to depress those under him. This is evident when he finds that the money in his treasury were about to get exhausted. In that connection, there was a Jew known as Melchizedek who had money that could be used to offset the shortfall. Saladin thought that Melchizedek was not willing to lend him money in fair terms; he decided to ask Melchizedek concerning which law between Christianity, Islam and Judaism was true word of God. The main reason behind the question was to trick Melchizedek to give offense, which could lead to capture of his wealth. Melchizedek evades the trap and answers the question with a lot of wisdom, which led to his accord of respect and gifts by Saladin. Finally, Saladin agrees to be honest with Melchizedek, and he gets the loan.

The political statement that Baccaccio is putting forward is more focused on feminism; he is bringing out the issues of women in a more pronounced way. He creates an outlook of women who are liberated, and those, which men cannot use to satisfy their cause. Baccaccio uses his escape from a plague, to record a number of strategies that can be employed by anyone who is trapped at any wrong situation at the wrong time and place. He is also able to bring out his message concerning the gender disparity that was being witnessed in Florence society in 14th century. Her main objective is not to trigger any kind of social change, but it is from an informative perspective. This is so because he wants to inform the readers of the novel what transpired during the time of Black Death.

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Baccaccio maintained also the ideas of an ultimate love which is essential during times of plague. His words reflect the true picture of love, and that interaction among men and women is essential in a given society. This is further spelt out in his unfold of the present deprivation in the society, where women are denied of their access to moral education resulting to a shift in their acts as well as deeds. The abilities of women should not be undermined; this is because women have potential politically, physically and morally.

The religion difference between Saladin and Tancredi is of immense importance. This is because the religious guidelines and teaching guides an individual in carrying out his duties properly. Different denominations have different views as far as certain issues such as feminism as concerned. The Muslim are totally against the political potential of a woman and women should always be submissive. 

In conclusion, Renaissance portrays women using their different roles throughout stories on Decameron by use of the different roles they carry out. It comes out that they are dominant and assertive as well as subservient and passive. Their character is a reflection of the character imparted to them by the society. It also highlights the difference between femininity and masculinity that is prevalent in most of the societies. Women in this narrative are brought out as less dependent on male gender, but there is an assertion that women cannot successfully doing anything perfectly in the absence of a male counterpart. The rules of the early society of Renaissance appear to vary from the rules that are present now, where women are given the chance to exercise their potential in all aspects of life.

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