A Mosque as the Piece of Art

This paper will critique a mosque as the piece of art. When critiquing an artwork, there are several elements that are of interest to the viewer. Among the most important features are color, contrast and composition. When we talk of composition in artwork, we refer to the arrangement, composure, and the organization as done by the artist. Color in an artwork is analyzed in terms of either being cool or warm. Another perspective of color is symbolism. Some colors are used to symbolize different styles of art. Contrast on the other hand tells the viewer how different elements like colors and expressions differ or relate.

Sometimes an artwork may have better meaning than its intended objective depending on combination of factors like intended audience, location, color and composition. This is the reason as to why the art work being described is better suited to be a hotel more than a mosque. We find the use of color red as symbolic of the connectedness of all individuals as expected in a hotel. The other colors are however illuminating. Contrast is achieved through using different colors like red and green as applied in this artwork. Green color is often used for painting mosques as a symbol of life and nature. The background colors are utilized greatly since the cooler colors were placed at the back while the warmer colors were painted at the front. This creates more contrast in the piece of art. Contrast is also brought out by the different illuminations as presented by the three partitions of the building.


The buildings of the mosque are organized in a row. They are three entrances to the mosque which in my opinion would be better suited for a hotel. The other symbol that emphasizes the suitability of the artwork as a restaurant is the hand bag and the fruit on top of the roof. Furthermore, the fruit is red in color thereby emphasizing the connectedness of the people living around this area. The handbag is also red in color.

In conclusion, this paper has found that the meaning of an artwork can be changed or interpreted otherwise. Certain factors are associated with this interpretation for example color and composition of the piece.



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