Who I Am

Having a chance to live is a precious thing under any conditions. Being alive gives one an opportunity to get everything he can. Sometimes life tends to bring difficulties that seem extremely challenging for us to handle. Nevertheless, these hardships enable us to discover our full potential and the capacity for managing them.

I appreciate the obstacles I have faced in life, for they have shaped me into who I am today. Therefore, I agree with the philosophers who pointed out that a child is a product of the environment.

In giving a description of myself, I would say I am a deep thinker. Furthermore, I enjoy participating in activities that make me think widely.

I am from Caracas, Venezuela. In my opinion, our native land means much to everybody, but us. Our country, our nation, our community are the components that surely shape us from the very beginning. Although, Caracas is considered to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world, I highly appreciate it and I enjoyed the time spent there with my family and friends. I can affirm that this city has made me the person I am today. No matter how bad things are, I shall always try to make them better. I am an individual, who is full of hope and I believe that someday the world will be improved. I know that this fundamental change is not going to happen easily. Presumably, it will be a process so tortuous and time-consuming that it might seem like a reverie. I may also be considered a dreamer; however, it takes an idea for great admirable things to happen. So many independences were conceived as figments of those who fought against a torment called anarchy. Everything begins with someone who dreams about a better world.

I am a Venezuelan, but I know that my country is not the only one in this world. Ultimately I am an individual who is very conscious about others. Throughout my life I have met many people in different places and it did not matter where they were from. Of course, we all had a history behind our culture, a different religion, though it did not prevent us from making lifelong friendships. I have learned that the background of the person is not everything. What is really important is how we use our culture to develop ourselves as human beings.

Finally, what I consider of most value in life is being able to live with others considering the opportunity to learn from them. The contribution of others is very necessary in realizing the dreams I have.



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