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Julie and Julia

Food movies are shows or films whose unfolding is based on activities surrounding a certain type of food or many types. In the unfolding of these shows, there is food presentation as either symbolic or real as per the particulars of the movie. The movie may be presenting a restaurant or a family that is doing a lot of cooking eating or food preparation guiding. If the food is used in the movie as a cipher, then, there is what comes in mind every time food appears in the scene. For instance, food may be taken to symbolize unity such that when reconciliation takes place the characters hold a party. Food may also be meant to cipher love and appreciation (Wilhoit 97). In the example below, in the movie, Julia and Julie, food is used symbolically throughout the show. Julia’s family is presented as lovely as the director plays the husband as loving, while Julia is presented as a lady who loves cooking and eating. In this case also, food has been used to make the movie more catchy and interesting to watch. For women who love cooking, it is a good catch as well as people who love having experience in the expert cooking of different meals. Nora Epron is the director of the movie, Julie and Julia. The episode is based on Julie Powell’s Julie and Julia and Julia Child’s “My Life in France”. Stephen Goldblatt is the photography director; Richard Marks the editor, Alexandre Desplat is the music director; Mark Ricker the production designer. The movie is produced by Eric Steel, Amy Robinson, Laurence Mark and Ms. Ephron. Columbia pictures released the movie. The main characters in the movie are: Streep Meryl as Child Julia, Tucci Stanley as Paul Child, Adams Amy as Powell Julie, Lynch Jane as McWilliams Dorothy, Messina Chris as Powell Eric, Dilly Erin as Jones Judith, Sternhagen Frances as Rombauer Irma and Emond Linda as Beck Simone. The movie narrates two parallel stories. It fits in the 1940s in Paris. Child joins Le Cordon Bleu to learn cooking. Julie Powell loves cooking too and adores Child’s culinary achievements. The movie has some sensuality and strong language.

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Although the movie Julie and Julia is based on true stories, it acts out as a story so good to be real. Streep acts Julia as being very engaging, and much loved by everyone who comes and relates with her, until she seems as having a super imaginative mind rather than a carnal woman. On the contrary, Julie is presented as a timid young woman who cannot accomplish any good thing, yet with the aid of a well to do chef she imagines of and leans on she blooms into a self-reliant determined woman. What Julie gains from Julia, transforms her from phone calls handling to managing interview opportunities as well as book deals. Seemingly, the tale of Julie and Julia’s peculiarly intertwined lives is only possible in the fiction world and movie creation scenarios, but the story is grounded on the true lives of the two captivating ladies. Meryl Streep presents Julia as a great lady with a true enthusiasm for life, presenting her as being passionate about cooking and eating when she is around her affectionate husband, Paul. It is elation, of watching not cooking, to view The Devil Wears Prada's Tucci and Streep reunite in the scene as a gladly married twosome who utterly admire each other (Julie & Julia 2-3).       

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Adams Amy has a rougher row tidy acting a struggling lady who is trying to realize herself in a world that is not concerned with the success the least. All the more so at lunch around her closest lady colleague her life is brushed off as trifling. Although as Julie views her universe escalating as the count of readers remarking on the blog heightens, Adams gets Julie from dwindling violet to a resilient lady in her right. Julia and Julie is not only a food movie, although it has a lot of eating and breath taking food presented. Restaurants in the immediate adjacency to theatres screening the movie experience a good sale as the audience go in such of food as a result of the salivating food displayed in the movie. The movie also is eye catching for people who are enthusiastic in cooking. As Julia cooks and seems lovely, it appeals for women to be good cooks in the thought that their husbands will be as loving as Julia’s.  

It is not only interesting but also encouraging to see strong and active female characters taking over a story. Adams and Streep do not share any scene in the movie. However, the two characters engage the audience in every scene. The two strong actresses act confidently, making Julie and Julia a delightful experience. The two women consider cooking as a fidgety sense of meaning. Similarly, the two characters pursue cooking in service of a concealed but strong ambition. Their tales end when success is published. In an early scene, Julie is humiliated by her college colleagues who display their worthwhile glossy-magazine engagements, real estate deals, assistants and Blackerrys. However, by means of triumphant sauces and failed aspics, Julie shows up. Similarly, Julia overcomes the sexism and xenophobia of the French cooking establishment as well as the prejudice of an American publisher. She later becomes the person referred to as the Julia Child (Julie & Julia 4-1).

Julia and Julie are uneven throughout the movie. However, their unevenness is nobody’s fate. In fact, it arises from an integral blemish in the film’s foundation. Julie appears to be an enterprising, insecure young lady who found a stuck. She is a figure of imposing cultural physique that her pans and pots are shown at the Smithsonian. The movie indicates that it is possible for a flawed meal to have a lot of piquancy. Julia baby understood the importance of a half-fallen soufflé or a broken sauce. She knew that serving it away without apology and with flair would solve the puzzle.

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A good movie compares and contrasts character. The audience is taken under a series of suspense till the end. Additionally, a good movie has an easy flow for the target group to follow. However, this does not mean the movie should be direct (Stewart 71). Having hidden themes which requires critical thinking makes the movie interesting and arguable. On the other hand, a good movie has a reasonable time frame. It takes between two and five hours to watch. A short movie leaves the audience unsatisfied while a very long one is tiring (Kisrzner 45).  Julie and Julia movie is a tasty treat and delightful movie especially for adults. The movie takes two hours three minutes and has an easy flow. The movie is prepared for a cinematic perfection. It is filled with tremendous presentations from the entire collective cast. The most appealing part of the movie is the unifying factor between the two women. The two ladies do not ply love cooking but also are linked by the men in their lives. Paul and his wife Child have a strong relationship while Powel and her husband have a shaky relationship. It is interesting to watch the synched plots running alongside each other. The women move from one cooking completion to another. The comedy is cleverly crafted. 

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