Literary Analysis

Literature covers reading comprehension and an analysis of a written work. Literature has a wide scope from comprehensions, plays and poetry. It is very interesting to study literature since it induces broad and critical thinking in the learners. Whereas literature is about analyzing other authors’ works through critical reasoning, it gives the learners knowledge expansion in literal topics. In studying literature, there are several challenges that learners may face while comprehending and writing about literature. These challenges result from the learners’ personal weaknesses in their reading approaches. The challenges are counteracted through the learners’ strengths in handling literary works. The learners need to take deliberate actions to improve on their weaknesses and strengthen their performance in literature studies.

In covering English related studies, I have had experiences that I would term as challenging and at the same time very important. To begin with, literary work has improved my ability to keenly ponder situations. For a learner to be able to come up with correct conclusion in a piece of literary work, one needs to be very scrupulous in his analysis. I would also say studying literature has widened my reasoning and provoked critical thinking and reasoning (Hawthorne 223). For one to understand in deep what the author meant, critical thinking is inevitable. When going through the literary analysis in class work, I experienced several difficulties such as identifying themes and literary skills as, for example, symbolism. In poetry I had problems with understanding the deep meaning of the poem in question (Junky 35). Alongside these weaknesses, I found out that I was very good at relating the literature study case with the current occurrences of life. I could relate a story to normal life situations and apply the teaching of the story to solve a problem in real life. In composition writing, I have realized that I encounter a problem with prepositions and the passive voice. On the other hand, I am good at vocabulary usage and creativity. The weaknesses noted in written work may adversely affect me in all English courses if not duly addressed since they lead to poor grammar (Jackson 252).

In conclusion, I have managed to minimize the weaknesses I have had in reading and writing through a wide range of reading tutorials and working on the recommendations of the course tutors. As the philosophers state, “practice makes perfect.” In yhis context, I have also resolved to practice more in writing to improve my writing skills.



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