Website Analysis: Gameblizt

This is a website for playing computer games that provides users with a variety of computer games that are playable online as well downloadable. The site also makes available game reviews and comments from different customers who have experienced over their games. These reviews can be used by potential customers to get extra information and gain more knowledge on the games that are available on this website. It also offers latest news relating to Personal Computer (PC) games and a chat room where different players can share ideas and experiences with one another.

The website has both audio and video contents which it uses to promote the liveliness, chill and thrill of players when gaming. The use of any content on this website has no legal warranty. It further precautions the users on its non-obligation and disclaim for any unmet demands or unsatisfactory contents. In my view, this attribute of the website may discourage most of its potential users. This is because no customer would like to use a commodity that he/she has no confidence in. According to Hill, Roche & Allen, customers will only consume goods that they are sure of and certain that they would derive the most benefits from as well those that will reflect the real value of their money (Hill, Roche & Allen, 2007). This implies that consumers would only go for high quality goods that give maximum satisfaction of their needs and requirements.

The inclusion of audio and video contents in this website helps it look more appealing, attractive, entertaining and enthusiastic to the users. Similarly the audio and video contents assist the users when they are using the online gaming option (Austerberry, 2005). This is because most games, if not all, require the thrilling sound for speed determination and video graphics for display or visualization. In addition, video contents also cater for the needs of users with hearing disability.

In conclusion, it is recommended that websites should adopt secure streaming techniques that would enable them to provide and guarantee safety and reliability of its contents or products (Follansbee, 2004).



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