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Lady Lazarus and Annabel Lee. Custom Lady Lazarus and Annabel Lee Essay Writing Service || Lady Lazarus and Annabel Lee Essay samples, help

Personally, I feel that there is a difference between a poem and a verse. An illustration is that a verse comes in a much simpler way as opposed to the complex nature that a poem entails. Verses are characterized, by their, as lack of prose with or without any poetic idioms, rhymes or rhythms. Poetry is more complex.  A poem is more expressive in nature since it touches the heart of most of those who read or listen to it. Although the topic may be personal, the meaning always stands out to be universal. In a poem, the words do not rhyme basically, and the formatting is free flowing. Poetry is a more current form of expression and is used even by the contemporary musicians while verse is the cnsidered an old form of expressing feelings.

Lady Lazarus and Annabel Lee

These two are more poems than verses. They have a more detailed meaning and are highly expressive. At first sight, an individual may think of a woman complaining in the poem but it has a standing meaning that it is death being talked about in the name of Lazarus. This gives it the complex nature of a poem. The two poems are very expressive and can be used by the current generation in their lyrics. In these poems, the individuals are  like expressing their feelings to a group. The ideas in these poems flow in prose form.

The Tiger and a Dream within a Dream

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This takes the form of a verse. The meaning of this poem may be differently interpreted, by different individuals, unlike Lady Lazarus, which has the standard meaning. When reading, A Dream within a Dream for the first time, and when comparing with Lady Lazarus, it is less expressive in nature. The ideas in the verse are not in prose form also when compare them to Annabel Lee. While reading the poems, they are not very expressive and lack the prose flows in the different verses.  The formatting in these poems is not free flowing as that of Lady Lazarus. There are evidences of rhyming words like brow, now, avow. It characterises most of verses.

Lady Lazarus and Annabel Lee. Custom Lady Lazarus and Annabel Lee Essay Writing Service || Lady Lazarus and Annabel Lee Essay samples, help

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