The Safest Companies in America

The EHS Today Magazine listed twelve organizations as the safest companies in America. The companies that topped the list are ACCO Brands Corporation, Buffalo Gap Instrumental and Electrical Company, Caterpillar Incorporation, EnPro Industries and Flour Corporation among others. According to the Magazine, these companies ensured safety of employees at the workplace through creation of a safe, secure and conducive environment. The writer ridiculously argues that these companies can be used by other organizations as reference group if they want to attain world-class safety status.

It is further revealed that these companies were more concerned with safety of the employees, citing that the wellbeing of the workers is the basis of their competitive advantage. Through creation of a one-hundred percent safe work environment, as the report claims, these organizations were able to protect their most valuable assets: human resources.

For companies to be considered the safest, they have to demonstrate support and high levels of commitment by the management towards ensuring workers’ safety at the workplace. The companies also have to guarantee employee involvement and participation in most of its operations, management and decision making activities. Formulation and implementation of innovative solutions to safety challenges was another strategy used by these companies. Additionally, they could offer comprehensive training programs to equip the employees with relevant and up-to-date information relating to their own safety at the workplace.

To reduce injuries and accidents at the workplace these organizations had to put in place strict accident prevention and control techniques, stringent safety rules and laws that must be observed by all employees. Furthermore, good communication within the companies facilitated the flow of information relating to safety measures amongst the workers. Information is power, and hence having adequate information on the value of safety laid the strongest foundation for a safe workplace. Certain companies, such as the Caterpillar set safety measures at the workplace as one of their major goals. Caterpillar’s CEO, Mr. Oberhelman was quoted saying that they can tolerate only zero injuries.

In conclusion, employee safety is an important issue that every organization must take into deep consideration. Employees will be motivated only if they are assured of their safety at the workplace. Good safety also increases productivity.



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