Lawns for Life


Lawn for life is an alternative method of installing artificial grass. This paper seeks to study and analyze lawns for life as a topic. This paper also seeks to study the different attributes and effects of lawns for life in relation to environmental, social and political aspects. These aspects have highly affected lawns for life in many different ways.

What is ‘’ lawns for life?’’

A lawn for life is the installation of artificial grass and plants as an alternative method to planting natural grass. Naturally grown grass can be very beautiful and lovely at a glance. If it is taken care of properly it can grow into a lovely blanket of grass that will make heads turn and attract many people. However, the process of growing natural grass includes the use of chemicals and other products .These chemicals and products are used for giving the grass a greener and beautiful look. Some of the chemicals are used to increase fertility to the soil.( Teyssot, 1999)

These chemicals however are not only deadly but a danger to humans, animals and the environment at large. According to Linda Green, from the book ‘lawns for life’’, many chemicals have or contain known or unknown chemical substances that can cause cancer and other hormonal imbalances. Ms Green states in her report that one of the pesticides approved by the Environmental protection Agency of the United States for use in lawns, contain nearly 900 active ingredients which are harmful to humans and animals. This means that many people are exposed to many agricultural chemicals that are not only harmful to humans and animals but to the environment as well. Ms Green also claims in her report that these chemicals have contaminated water and thus the water is contaminated and not safe for human and animal consumption’s green states in her report the same chemicals used in the growing of the grass or in agro forestry are the same chemicals used to grow food. This food is grown for human and animal use .Therefore, Ms Green and many other supporters of Lawn for life are generally concerned about the harmful nature of the chemicals which are used in growing and grooming of natural grass in relation to the health and well being of humans, animals and the environment.

This report touches on the protective clothing worn by farmers and agriculturists while using these chemicals. The report states that these protective clothing’s do not in any way offer protection to the agriculturists. It also states that these clothing’s do not prevent the contamination of water, air and the environment. This is because the clothing’s only give temporary protection to the people involved. Lawn for life is therefore a task force according to Ms Green, that consist of people whose main goal is to increase the awareness of lawn chemicals and the negative and harmful effects it has on the air, water, environment, humans and animals. This is not an easy task but easy but a very important task. It is important to note that lawns are private gardens, public landscapes and parks in different parts of the world. Lawns are created and used for the purpose of pleasure and for recreational activities and sports. (Brede, 2000) The advantage of a properly managed lawn is that it provides a cushion for the traffic on it. The other advantages of lawns for life or artificial lawns are that the lawns do not need mowing, the lawns do not need wedding, watering. One can forget about mad, grass cutting and seeing bare patches on the grass or lawn. (Fannel, 2011) These lawns are best because they are just simply beautiful with no mess and no fuss and pose no environmental, social or political risks.

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How did lawn for life start or begin?

Lawn for life began from a several concerns and indicators that were noticed and discovered by individuals and companies about the effects of the chemical used in the lawn. These individuals and companies formed a group of people to help create awareness on the danger of using lawn chemicals. The concerns of the use of chemicals on lawns prompted a new idea of installing artificial or synthetic lawns. Therefore, the synthetic lawn was an alternative for lawn grass. It helped to put many of the concerned people at ease and still offered, effective, and beautiful lawn solution without the use of chemicals and other harmful products.

What are the environment aspects in Lawns for life?

The environmental aspects of Lawns for life are the concerns on the use of chemicals and other pollutants to pollute the air water and the environment. As mentioned above, from the report by Ms Green, she reports on the many effects of use of chemicals in the growing of grass and other plants. Ms Green states that many of the chemicals contribute to water pollution. Some of the many pesticides and fertilizers that, any people use to install a beautiful and perfect lawn are harmful to the environment. These same fertilizers are used to grow the food that the general population consumes. The consumption of this food has been known to cause diseases such as cancer and other diseases. In the report Ms Green states ‘’using lawn chemicals is similar to cigarette smoke in that it is not it is not a personal thing that affects the smoker’’.This quote from

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Ms Greens report suggests or simply means that the environment aspects in lawn for life’s are not direct but indirect. This means that one mistake or a simple use of the chemicals can have an effect on many people, a country or even the whole globe. It starts from smoke, which means that the pollution of the environment, water and the air starts from an innocent use of lawn chemical. (Baxendale and Gaussoin, 1997) Notice that this according to Ms Green and many other people is an environmental problem that affects every human being, animals and the environment at large. These environmental concerns can affect children as well. These chemicals cause the risk of rapid development in children. If the children are exposed to the lawn chemicals or the contaminated environment from the lawn chemicals, they are at risk. The contaminated water exposes swimmers and those that eat fish from the contaminated water to deadly substances from the lawn chemicals. The wearing of protective clothing does not in any way protect the environment from contamination, this only offers the person wearing the protective clothing with temporary protection but in the long run, they will be affected by these chemicals as well. These chemicals are very harmful to the soil. This is because they exterminate or get rid of organisms in the soil that usually help to keep the soil healthy. Lawns for life are an organization that is trying to educate the public and create awareness on the importance of conserving the environment by avoiding or stopping the use of lawn chemicals and harmful products. It is important that harming the environment or in this instance, the soil means one is destroying every other thing that depends on soil for survival. (Palin, 2010) These include plants, animals among many others. Birds, human beings and children will also greatly suffer at the destruction of the environment. Every thing would become contaminated and diseases such as cancer will increase throughout the globe. The signal that is sent by the lawns for life is that people should stop using poisons on their lawns. This is because they are not immune to this poison but will be affected as well. This group believes that by changing people’s perception on the effects of the environment by use of lawn chemicals, they will be saving the environment. This does not mean that one should stay way form making their lawn look nice. On the contrary, one can make a lawn look nice through other alternative ways such as use of artificial lawn grass and plants. There has been and there still is great concern about global environmental issues. In this regard, Lawn for life seeks to find a way to convince the globe and create an opportunity for real change .This is an opportunity to protect the environment. In so doing, one will be protecting their children, animal, family members and the environment at large. The big problem with this generation is that people are hard minded. This simply means that even after knowing of all the dangers of chemicals to the environment, they are still too slow to change. The lawns for life group create awareness about the companies that market their products or chemicals in such motivational ways and fashion. The aim of these promotions is to entice and invite one to purchase and use the chemicals. What they do not include in their promotions is the fact that these chemicals are harmful to the environment, water, air, children and animals as well. Therefore make the lawn look nice but be careful not to harm the environment while doing so. Keep in mind that the companies that promote the chemicals are only out to make big cash at the cost of the environment. In this case, the lawns for life group have had difficulty in trying to convince the public on the dangers of lawn chemicals. Selling a product that is harmful is the same as putting a gun on someone’s head with a satisfactory smile. It is simply inhuman! The Lawns for life group is driven by the hope that a toxic free lawn will contribute to the conservation of the environment. (Baxendale and Gaussoin, 1997)

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Their goal is also to find a middle ground that will accommodated the ideas of many lawns styles. A compromise is what is needed to end the use of lawn chemicals. Ms Green ends the report by stating how important it is for people to realize their responsibility to nature.

This will make a difference in the environment. It is important to note that most of the chemical approved by the protection agency contain active ingredients which are harmful to the environment, humans and the environment. Pesticides contain ingredients such as solvents, filters among many others. These chemicals are not tested for their potential to causes cancer and other diseases. However, the chemicals contain active and inactive ingredients which can cause cancer and other diseases. It is therefore important for the protection agencies to test these chemicals and pesticides for their ability to cause cancer and other disease. This will ensure the safety of the public and will help to give awareness or warnings about the chemicals and pesticides that can cause these diseases. This also applies to fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides. This basically means that any chemical, in whatever form, should be tested and

What are the political aspects of Lawns for life?

Political signs are cropping on the lawn of many families. This brings to mind questions and concerns regarding ruffling of the peoples next door are feathers. In the political scene people are looking differently at people with lawn for life signs on their lawns. Thus many people are shying away from using the lawn signs to support greens on their lawns .It has been discovered that having these sign on the lawns is the sane as declaring  support for a certain party .It is also the same as declaring ones party of choice. This can affect the relationship or friendship between neighbors who have lived peacefully for a long time. Many people are afraid of the offensive that can be associated with erecting the sign on their lawns. However, this is just the politic aspect of standing for what one believes in. (Shabecoff , 2010) Other people insist the placing a lawn for life sign on their lawns is like revealing ones nature to the whole world. It is important note that lawn signs represent a public declaration which can produce an emotional reaction from the people concerned and from the public at large. During election campaigns some signs are defaced and replaced by political lawn signs. This is a major way for campaigning in most countries such as Canada. In the recent time more people a realizing how important and effective lawn signs are both for the declaration of their believes and for political purposes.  The political aspects of lawn for life are useful and essential in effective political campaigns. Many politicians are turning to lawn signs as a way of campaigning.This are because safe and non toxin lawns can be used for an effective campaign. (Palin, 2009)

In the view of the different aspects of this study, it is important to note use of lawn chemicals will have a negative effect on the environment, political and social aspects. One therefore needs to avoid use of lawn chemicals in order to promote good health, a better environment and a healthy political aspect. In This regard, the Lawn for life society continues to create awareness all over the world on the dangers of using Lawn chemicals. They recommend the use of an alternative method of installing a lawn. This is by installing the synthetic or artificial lawn grass. (Tukey, 2007) The synthetic or artificial lawns are environmentally friendly, politically friendly and socially friendly. This simply implies that these lawns are the best and safest way out of the global mess on environmental issues. To make a difference in the environmental, political and social aspects of lawn for life, one need to stop and avoid the use of poisons .On the other hand, people should use alternative lawns. It is also important to note that the Lawn for life is governed by the right to know laws which provide the necessary information about possible chemical exposures to the environment.                             


This paper has discusses the origin, the nature and the different aspects of lawn to life. The study has touched on different subjects including the management and the installation of the lawn for life. This paper has also touched on the advantages as well As the disadvantages of the lawn for life.

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