Pictures of Magazines in the 1930’s

Both pictures are of magazines in the 1930’s, picture A belonged to a magazine named Fortune while picture B is of a magazine called Harper’s Bazaar. Both pictures have a major similarity as they are used in magazines and are both in the print advertisement and information. Picture A seems to be of a magazine that deals with business affairs such as wealth creation, business development and such industries while Picture B seems to represent the beauty industry.

Even though all pictures are not a representative of the product which in this case is the magazine, the pictures play an important part in representing what the product is and what the product represents. Therefore the analysis of the images will be dependent on the image and by the methods used by the image to represent concepts which act in the promotion of product’s image (Serrat et al., 15).

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Picture A is an image that hugely relies on application of photographic imagery. Picture A is the front cover of a magazine called the Fortune. The image applies a number of signifiers that are relevant so as to bring to the attention of the readers both the brand of the magazine and an image that informs of the ideology that the magazine represents, that the magazine has a representation of the business community and it is also glamorous. The main image is that of a of a city skyline which has been drawn in the shape of a Christmas tree. The image has a date and name of the magazine. From the image once is able to deduce that the magazine publication is a festive publication happening during the Christmas period. This is due to the Christmas tree shape of the city skyline and the shining star as well as the date of the publication.

The magazine in Picture A is referred to as the Fortune and this is well represented by the image of a skyline. Perhaps the magazine offers necessary information on investment and how one can make more money. The skyline is a representative of the wealth of information on the topic on the investment and wealth creation. The use of the image and the title of the magazine offer to the readers a message that justify and reiterate the relationship developed by the two in the magazine.

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Therefore for a normal average reader of the Fortune Magazine in Picture A, it is most likely that they will not know of the relationship that exists mutually between the words in the cover and the image in the cover. The relationship between the image and words work in ensuring that there is sending of a uniform message to the reader. It also enables the reader to categorize the magazine to its genre; whether business, sports, science or fashion among other (Willats, 69). Word in the Picture A work to reinforce the image to the readers if a magazine was only present with a cover image and no writings or naming it would be difficult to contextualize as well as clarify what the images represents. As an advertisement the image works well as it provides balance and is well matched with the texts. The colors blue, whitish and the dark shades they represent the movement from a dark phase to a bright phase. The blue color represents hope while the white bright color represents a brighter future.

Picture B is of a magazine referred to as Haper’s BazaarMagazine, it was published in October 1938. The magazine is a beauty magazine. The creator of the magazine uses a number of signifiers which are essential in the brand identity. Picture B provides an ideology that the magazine is a beauty magazine, youthful as well as creates an air of glamour. The image is that of an eye and red colored lips, which can represent the eyes seeing the beauty that lies within the magazine. Next to the images is the word “Beauty” and together with the image, they form a common message on the picture as well as the magazine.

The eye in Picture B represents a human eye that is supposed to view and appreciate the beauty in the magazine. The colored lips putting into consideration it was in 1938, is in most cases are female lips. Lips can be used to signify beauty; the color in the lips which is red represents romance or love. Therefore the magazine is meant mainly for the youthful audience and it deals with female beauty. The image and the reddish color work in defining the topic of beauty. The way the writings are written shows the mood one should approach the magazine. The words Beauty in the cover are instrumental in providing further information about the magazine and create an awareness of what the magazine contains. A reader of the Haper’s BazaarMagazine will be guided by the images present on the cover as well as the texts present.

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Both Pictures A and Pictures B are of different magazines. The pictures were of almost the same time in the 1930’s, before the advent of computers. The pictures have the same similarity in that they are both magazine covers. Another similarity is the issue of color, texts and images working mutually to assist the reader in fully understanding the role of the pictures. A difference in both pictures is the message and the targeted audience. While picture A is meant for a business men or potential investors, picture B is meant for youths and people in the fashion industry.

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