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Being cool is not flamboyant, but a dead-end street to destruction. The message conveys that seven boys roaming the streets are not focused on the positive things that life can offer them. Their lives have neither meaningful direction nor concern for the future wellbeing. Is there prosperity in the end; or will the seven make destruction as the destination.

Constantly having fun all the time throughout one’s life will always lead to destruction. Obeying the elders and taking one step at a time is what every person should seek for. In order to succeed one should observe the way others work, be it at school or at home. Engaging in fancy activities such as playing golf at the cost of studies is harmful to healthy life.

The wages of sin are death. The Bible clearly illustrates it. Supporting evil means one is always at the midst of making mistakes and offending others. These may include engaging in illegal activities such as theft or murder. Living a life like this someone may end up being imprisoned or beaten to death. Young people very often become victims of the peer pressure. Most of them are afraid to be engaged into constructive activities and are searching for shortcuts in order to survive.

Parents invest a fortune into education of their children. It is at least reasonable to respect them, and strive for high grades. This is the only gratitude one can give his or her parents. Experience is always the best teacher. Most parents have earned their levels in the education system, and they regard their success to this. Listening to their advice is a sign of respect and obedience; hence, prosperity and long life.

Being cool does not necessarily mean negative practices in society; instead, it calls for uniqueness in the right direction.



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