Orwell Rolls in His Grave Film

Orwell rolls in his grave is one of the excellent films which unfortunately, nobody, will ever struggle to see. This is an independent documentary which was directed by Robert Kane Pappas and he investigates into the disturbing view of how media in US is managed and controlled by a few large corporations. The movie is premised on the fact that these large corporations aims to acquire larger and control of the system which reports news. Thus, the media houses have aligned themselves with the common conservative republican minority. This has forced them to push for selfish agenda to build fortune and political favor. Thus, it is purely a political movie.

It aims at politics especially the neo-conservative movement. The movie is linked with media corporations and politics though it glosses on some special issues that have led to a balanced report. For instance, the October surprise which unraveled the US-Iran deal, where arms were made to release hostages. In addition, the US government is believed to have used the money accrued from the sale of arms to sent rebels as far as Nicaragua. In the movie, this scandal is called Iran-Contra Affair. More so, the movie gives a glancing reference to the media regulation signed by Clinton’s administration.

Apart from the political sphere, the movie also presents several compelling ideas on how media has been shaped to fit in the system of the media corporations. It is also clear from the movie that media owners decide reports and what is presented like the clear channel communications. For instance, the new corps became the first media house to announce the bush as the winner of 2000 elections. The movie also contains interviews with government inspectorate and media opponents.

In conclusion, individuals in the media industry can not be relied on for factual information. This is due to lack of scrutiny in the process of anchoring headlines. This has fostered corruption though the film does not resolve the capitalism flaws in media industry in US.



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