The Shape of Things

The main heroine of the movie The Shape of Things feels to be an ‘artist’, and gives no account to personal feelings of other people. She ‘creates’ her wok out of living ‘flesh and blood’, claiming that the ‘material’ was ‘flexible’ and quite amenable. In such a manner, Evelyn disdains human feelings, transforming Adam for the sake of her artistic experiment. Evelyn affirms that she conformed to the intention to ‘change the world’ due to her art, in other words, to change Adam.

Herbert Marcuse claims that creativity has ‘affirmative’ or asserting power. Form imparts art a festive and sublime function: it ensures the satisfaction of unsatisfied desires in life, generates ‘bright light’ in the terrible routine of life, brings delight, and reconciles man with the existing reality. Adam was ‘reconciled’ with general reality, he became ‘normal’ (though, it is still a question, whether he needed such transformation, or not). Adam was also liberated from his insecurities, thanks to the ‘life-creating’ Evelyn`s power of art. Moreover, Adam brought into action his desires, unsatisfied in the past, when he was unappealing he kissed his ‘old flame’ and flirted with the waitress. As well, Marcuse states that the untruth in art may be one of the elements of truth. Evelyn told falsehoods, in order to unveil the true nature of a human. Evelyn, to my mind, applies the principle that the chasm that separates art from reality can be overcome only by the extent to which the reality shows attraction to art as to its natural form. Evelyn does not force Adam to change: he unconsciously realized such necessity.

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In my opinion, the artist can effectively liberate people from the surplus repression through his creativity, his particularity and his ‘otherness’ in his critical treatment of things around him. I believe that an artist may reverse the mental outlook of a person, in relation to the latter`s inner modification of his self-awareness. The process of creation is the ability to release skills, which paradoxically were already given. An artist can free people from slavery and the mundanity, because art is not passive but active, and in that sense, heurgical. Feelings experienced by people in contact with talented work of art, leave in their soul an invisible trail. It is impossible to determine how art manifests itself in human daily life, how it manages his mood, brings him to one or another noble deed, but the force of its impact is undeniable.

A person can liberate himself from surplus repression due to his own inner ‘enlightment’. He must realize this present repression and make an attempt to change. Human`s life is a sort of incessant education, where we can self-actualize. Life situations form people, and these very situations are primarily psychological problems. In my opinion, every person, as a result of all these situations, becomes transformed. The only question is, in what direction? Knowledge is a powerful means of human liberation. Objective knowledge is the condition of human freedom; it frees one from the limitation, which is due to man's belonging to a family, historical period, a particular culture, language, and personal life experience. The process of knowledge frees from prejudice, makes a person free and appropriate in his selection and decision making. True freedom is the freedom to do what we want and when we want. In order to achieve this freedom, a person should free himself from fear of other people`s judgement.

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