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Health Care Marketing Analysis Paper


The Prenatal Clinic that is located in Bryan, Texas, has been chosen as a subject of marketing analysis for this paper. First of all, the paper will describe the four marketing Ps, because product, place, price and promotion are the vital components of the marketing strategy of any organization; an appropriate combination of these four Ps is an essential condition of organization’s success. Examining the clinic’s marketing and partnerships strategies give an opportunity to understand the true values of the prenatal clinic. Defining correctly the demographics and psychographics, and considering data from the area, in which the prenatal clinic is located, will help to establish the target market in a correct way. The clinics’ success depends on the proper knowledge of the target market, because an appropriate strategic market plan is made based on the information about the market.


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The Prenatal Clinic provides services including free pregnancy tests and training for child birth, as well as breast feeding, infant CPR and parenting. Such services facilitate the chances of future mothers to have a secure pregnancy and safe childbirth (The Prenatal Clinic, 2007). The clinic’s services consist of regular counseling and examinations, as well as monitoring baby’s body position, growth and heartbeat. Medical specialists provide consultations to new mothers in order to prepare them for labor and motherhood. The specialists also consult the pregnant women concerning the diagnosis or warning signs of disease that may have harmful effect on pregnancy or baby’s delivery (Department of Health, 2012).


If pregnancy is taking a normal course, the cost of prenatal care consists of approximately $2000. If it has complications, the cost of prenatal care increases in accordance with the necessary medical services. Such tariffs are average for parental care organizations; however, the combination of cost and quality is the best. Scheduled regular visit costs about $150; this price covers such services as consultation, blood test, urinalysis and ultrasound. Patients usually have health insurance, so that it covers patient’s medical bills. At the clinic, many patients are served by Medicaid that pays also for the prenatal services. Some health insurances comprise co-pays and costs that range from $200 to several thousands of dollars. Thereare also some organizations, for example, The American Pregnancy Association that provide prenatal medical care to women without insurance (Costhelper, 2012).


The clinic is located near a bus station. Social and health services, dental clinic, and other community services are located next to the clinic. It is easily accessible and plainly visible from the street. The clinic has the highest birth rate in Texas. Its location is analyzed based on availability and accessibility, birth rate in the clinic and generally in the state, as well as on the public inquiry and the total amount of female population in the state (Texas Legislative Study Group, 2011).


The Prenatal Clinic promotes its services through publicity and advertising. P romotion is very important in drawing attention of the target audience. The clinic uses Internet advertising, mail and phone messages in order to promote its services. It publishes colorful brochures that have a lot of useful information, such as information about clinic’s services, routine schedule of medical specialists’ work, telephones and e-mail addresses; these brochures are widely distributed. The patients can easily find out about the clinic through Google search. The clinic constantly surveys its physicians and patients’ feedbacks in order to improve its services. Moreover, it takes numerous efforts to educate the population about the necessity of prenatal services; its main objective is to raise the community awareness about importance of prenatal care for health of mothers and children (Berkowitz, 2012).

Significance of the Four Ps

The four Ps characterize an organization as a combination of product (type of services), price (insurance), location (accessibility) and promotional strategies (availability). The four Ps facilitate a mutually beneficial connection between the producers and consumers. Four Ps marketing combination covers the whole picture, which improves chances of organization for success (Akrani, 2010).

Marketing and Partnerships

The prenatal clinic has partnerships with Heath Department, Human Services, Public Health and Parenthood agencies, as well as other clinics, hospitals and pharmaceutical organizations. The clinic’s partner and marketing relationships are interconnected, because through the partneers’ channels the health center distributes the majority of its promotional materials and receives the majority of patients. These organizations give positive recommendations and referrals to their patients, because they are interested in the best care for their clients. Although, the majority of organizations are ready to help each other and always provide the necessary referrals, there are still some organizations that are not ready to cooperate; for such cases, the clinic has partnership-exchange motivation program (National Health Foundation, 2010).

Target Market

The Prenatal Clinic’s demographics consist of women from 15 to 48 years old (Department of Health, 2012). The psychographics comprise behavior and motivation of the pregnant women. The main task of medical staff is to understand the needs of their special patients. Their clients deserve receiving the best prenatal care for a reasonable price. The patients also need to be additionally educated on parental care and motherhood issues. According to Nielsen, Bryan has a population of approximately 23,600 persons, and average age is 33 years old (2011). On average, monthly, population spends approximately $480 on medical care. Neighborhood demographics are characterized by the families with one working member. The majority of population is married couples without children or with one child. Their socioeconomic status consists of college students and laborers with low income. Such extensive knowledge of target market allows the clinic to create and provide a competitive marketing and implementing plan that includes the whole spectrum of all necessary services, as well as the necessary specialists and competent combination of price and quality (Nielsen, 2011).

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The competent marketing plan is the essential part of a successful business. Four Ps are the key elements for further strategic development of marketing strategy. Based on four Ps, any organization can estimate the target audience and advertizing tools. Mutually beneficial partnership facilitates the business activities not only in advertising and patients’ referrals but in establishing good publicity, reputation, and trustworthiness. Knowing the target market gives the organization knowledge about lifestyle, income status, needs, demands, and family structure of its consumers. Considering all factors listed above gives the parental clinic an exact understanding in what direction it has to go and what speed to choose.

Health Care Marketing Analysis Paper. Custom Health Care Marketing Analysis Paper Essay Writing Service || Health Care Marketing Analysis Paper Essay samples, help

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