Vigorous Verbs

It is true that vigorous verbs help to make writing more energetic. This is due to the reason that they grab and keep the reader to what has been written be it in a job application letter, writing to a client or trying to win the attention of an audience that is busy. Vigorous verbs help in communicating briefly and in a precise manner. These strong verbs therefore improve on the style and strength of sentences. The reader's attention is thus not swayed around with some wordy sentences trying to elaborate what is being written. Strong verbs thus eliminate such boredom which originates from wordy writings by providing power which triggers high concentration. Well, weak verbs cannot be completely ignored in any form of writing. However, the distribution of weak verbs which in most cases will appear in passive voice should be kept as low as possible.

Vigorous strongly gives power and reinforces the intended and exact impression that is anticipated. They produce a huge impact than weak verbs. Any writing with vigorous verbs has power and movement. For instance, it is weaker to say, "I was a leader of four people" than to say "I led four people". The first sentence is wordy and with a lesser weight compared to the latter. The second sentence adds "spin" to the sentence; it does not provide room for more explanation. Instead, the reader will just flow with the writing and move on without getting bored. The first sentence may be seen to underscore the intended meaning or the impression that needs to be implied. Therefore, vigorous verbs make writings more energetic because of their short and precise nature. Using verbs like "to have" and "to be" weakens writing as they do not add much to our prose. They only inflate the writing and make the author sound verbose. Strong verbs thus improve on the perception from the readers; they communicate in a direct way and with clarity of message.




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