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Global issue: In assessing the article, the crucial consideration is author's arguments and the manner in which they are written. In the article UN Children Right there are no indications of opinion as the writer has used the third person pronoun and quoted sources wherever necessary.

Opinions: Whenever writers give there own opinion or give assumption in there articles there is always high chances of sounding biased. Writers are supposed to have a universal look of the writings. In the article U.N Rights Violation, there no assumption made in the whole text since the article quotes sources of arguments which makes it hard to detect biasness in the article.

Biasness: The UN Children Rights article presented the argument in a sequential order that prioritize the major point and engages the reader. Good writers always understand their readers and thus when they place there arguments in a way that it revokes emotion in the readers but at the same convince them in accepting the argument by providing example. Reader are therefore better placed agree with the claim than challenge them.

Presentation: The article has not used any first person pronoun. When the argument in an essay are presented in the first person pronouns, that is the use of 'I' it becomes clear to the readers that the writer is giving his or her own opinion or experience on the subject.


Quotations: In the article UN Children Rights arguments are analyzed with emphasis to reported speech but this though becomes a problem when the article might be giving a concrete support to the argument and 'I' is used by the writer to give their own feeling of the argument but unfortunately they are taken as biasness by the writers.

Argumentation: The article UN Children rights, the arguments presented by the writers indicate the feeling of quilt. The writers assess the injustice and violence against children. The moral question is raises a moral question. But another question is whether people allover the world, have the same sense of guilty on the issue concerned and whether they lead him to viewing them as either moral or immoral.

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The article UN Children Rights has successful utilized the MLA citation style. There is a running head aligned right and the topic, authors name and date centered in the middle of the title page. The paragraphs are aligned right and the first line of the paragraph indented. In text citation is in order and the reference page follows the principal of MLA citation.

Why do writers smell opinion in my work?

Opinion is the presentation of one feeling, experience and reservation about a subject in discussion. In the article UN Children Rights, there are no many cases of opinion although a reader can still read an opinion in the article.

In the introductory paragraph the article gives the definition of the children rights violation without attributing it to the sources. The writer is not an authority but the article might bring this assumption which gives the reader a go ahead to either agree or disagree or even judge the writer as biased.

In the subsequent paragraphs, the essay gives a case study of Pakistan, Nepal and India. The sources of information presented is appropriately cited as UNICEF using the MLA citation style but still in giving further explanation top the facts and figures, the readers might have the feeling that I am giving my own opinion.

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