SWOT Analysis

Introduction to SWOT analysis

This is the thorough analysis of a strategic environment. It is an integral component in strategic management and planning process because it gives an insight to internal and external environment. The analysis considers strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in planning.

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Analysis of the channels

Oreo was founded in March 6, 1912, and it is currently America's favorite cookie producing candies, frozen desserts, cheesecakes, beverages and parfaits. The name and location its location is critical in its success and this has made it memorable for over one hundred years. The appealing appearance in its page and a variety of its products attract much attention. It has a multiple color combination of the products desired by potential customers. One of the key strength in an environmental scan of its internal factors is running promotional advertisement for those visiting the channel page. It also has family friendly philosophies that go with all the postings made. The use of a wider range of recipe creates a range of cookies that eventually will cover a variety and wide a range of selection.

The promotional advertisement creates an overwhelming opportunity, which is an external analysis of its environmental scan. The unforeseen weakness in the analysis of its internal environment is the emphasis of American, which may create some bias and does not represent worldwide outlook. The page also in its information context is wordier such that it results to boredom as opposed to the use of graphics and pictures. This is perfectly elicited in the recipe context that is so appealing and attractive in nature. However, the translation and use of more languages creates an opportunity to for diverse and differed languages. This can also be a threat in that not all languages are used all over the world. The promotional advert dubbed 'fan of the week' entails many rules and this could be discouraging. It will create some weakness. The page is also prone to posts that are not intended or even lower its desired function and reputation. The creation of discussion forum and photographs portals is key to increasing interest in accessibility (Bradford, Duncan and Tarcy).

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Samsung is the leading in the market of electronics and cell phones worldwide with immense innovations for over 70 years. It has shaped the current digital revolution through continuous innovations as one of the key internal aspect. Invention and innovation is their key strength internal analysis of its environmental scan. Picture quality has enhanced customer satisfaction due to valuable and quality of its products. The use of moderate word volume is a great strength in that it does not create boredom to the fans but delivers the desired information. However, the use of multiple languages is essential so at to reach the larger fan base regardless of language diversity worldwide. It also gives all the varieties and products manufactured. This will enhance interest in that the selection base is very broad.

This can also pose a threat and be a weak point in that bias will arise in certain products. The page however, has a broader photograph base portal, and it presents an opportunity in the market. Creation of dealers' portal is an outstanding opportunity to market itself. The promotional portal creates a desired of maintaining the fan base for future winning (Hill and Westbrook). However, the use of few words is a weakness in the channel because it will give insufficient information to its fans. The channel uses more photographs than words, and this create an opportunity to reach all population in the world with different disabilities than use of more words.

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SWOT analysis framework divides the analysis of environment into two major sections. The external analysis contains the strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand, external analysis comprises of the opportunities and threats of the environment. All these combined result to SWOT matrix. Strengths are the capabilities and resources while the weaknesses are the inverse of the strengths.

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