The Letter from Birmingham Jail

Martin Luther King jr. " the letter from Birmingham Jail" is an emotional letter addressing the issues and critics of white clergymen thrown at him and his black American staff about his non-violent demonstration actions against injustice and racial discrimination among black Americans in Birmingham.

Injustice is the backbone of all the social evils taking place within Birmingham and Alabama cities. Injustice is the violation of another person's right with the satisfaction of the other individual. Injustice as depicted in the essay "The Letter from Birmingham" by Martin King Luther jnr has proved a major problem in the fight of what is good and just. . We shall focus on various instances of injustice that do arise.

Firstly, some of his close affiliates betray Luther King by agreeing to engage in a nonviolent direct action in which, they are detained by the same affiliates who they were called upon to hold the action program betray members of his staff and him. This level of injustice is evident in that the arrest of the architects of the nonviolent action program never occurs while their own arrests take place. Throughout the 381 days the boycott lasted, arrests are made while his home was boomed (Jr, Martin Luther King).

Martin Luther said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly." The city of Birmingham has gained popularity as city of brutality due to the presence of the Negroes who live there; they live in perpetual unjust treatment from their courts and thus if they engage into peaceful demonstration they are not able to engage in a good faith negotiation as they are believed to be brutal.

Martin Luther King states that in any law, there were just laws, which God made and they do upgrade and value the esteem and integrity of an individual while unjust laws are those that degrade human personality (jr).

Racial discrimination has been a fight by most black people living in Birmingham city, as they strive to obey the Supreme Court decisions (1954) they outlawed the segregation in the public schools. The law was just on its face and unjust on its application. Moreover, injustice is not only exercised in courts but also the Birmingham Police force. They have used immoral means to get to moral ends by them treating the prisoners in an inhumane manner. The police officers have maintained immoral end of racial injustice (Hansen).

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Martin Luther king believes that the only way to wipe away the injustices experienced within Birmingham City was through holding peaceful negotiations in order to resolve the issues amicably.

In the article, "Ways of Meeting Oppression" by Martin Luther King Jr, tries to bring out Injustices and Oppression, which have been prevalent issues within our society. He believed that black Americans could win equal rights by peaceful means such as peaceful boycotts and marches. He always reminded Americans that their nation's principles were justice, freedom and equality.

Luther King's argument for non-violent protest against the greater good of human beings may be the disobedience by the authorities, but as Erich Fronmon states in his essay "Disobedience is a psychological and Moral Problem", that any act of disobedience against any inhuman law state is morally correct and is for the betterment of the human kind.

In his speech "I have a dream", He says that his nation will rise up to the true meaning of its creed...that all men treated equally. He believed that his children will live to the expectation of his dreams and that equality, both the white people and the black people would exercise fairness and justice.

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In Martin Luther King message "Struggle for Equality" in 1963 , he shared his dream of equality with the white Americans , like many other black American he was not treated properly they were forced to use separate al black schools, restaurants and stores. They had different entrances for the black people and certain parts of the nation denied the right to vote.

Thus, the placing of laws was for the arising conditions, People needed awareness of such needs. Peaceful negotiations and boycotts held by Martin Luther and his staff paved way for the rapidly gained equality in their rights.

In the letter to Birmingham jail, racial and education segregation are undermining goals to the hate inflicted upon the African American community. In the speech at the Great March on Detroit in 23 June 1963, held in Washington, King expound upon making "the American Dream a reality".

Following the letter from Birmingham jail he said that," the Negro is no longer willing to accept racial segregation in any of its dimensions." He considered segregation as wrong because it was a system of adultery, perpetuated by illicit intercourse between injustice and immorality.

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Educational segregation was one of the key issues that affected not only societal segregation in general but also the lives of the lives of the many black Americans. Most black schools were n't funded well and as result, there was poor education among the students. This finally translated into the black people acquiring the worst jobs hence unable to afford the decent housing acquired by the white Americans. He continued struggling against segregation and with his aim, he went to Alabama and Birmingham city to watch the injustice practiced there.

In order to conclude the many civil rights protest boycotts and demonstrations, there was reinforcement on segregation issues to those aware of it. Eventually it leads to the abolishment of segregation as law and through time changing racist attitudes altogether (Mendoza).

In conclusion, the unjust law not only has inflicted pain and anguish among the black Americans but also but compelled them to total misery. Racial discrimination, hatred and education segregation are spring folds of the injustice practiced. Therefore, I strongly affirm to Martin Luther's means of resolving injustice among Americans through peaceful negotiations.

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