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Advertisement Analysis. Custom Advertisement Analysis Essay Writing Service || Advertisement Analysis Essay samples, help

Every day the business world uses advertising to captivate, motivate or show case a certain product that is in the market. These advertisements try as much as possible to engage the customer by capturing his attention, luring him or her into indulging the use of the good or service. An advertisement of high quality should do more than just please the eye. The measurement of the effectiveness of an advertisement is its ability to strike a need from a customer and present a viable solution to it. If an advert cannot strike the customer, then it cannot fulfill its purpose. The following gives a few of the details that one should look for when analyzing the quality of an advert.

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First, one has to ask himself whether the advert is striking to the eye. An advert needs to drive a potential customer into considering purchasing the good or service, without force or compulsion. The seller or the marketer should therefore be cunning enough to manipulate a person's thinking into looking at the product positively. To do this, the mood of the advert should bring joy, happiness and fulfillment (O'Guinn & Allen, 2008). For a visual advert, dull colors will psychologically drain the customer's happy mood  (Bumatay, 2010). This is the reason why colors such as red, pink and yellow are often used in many advertisements. For audio advertising, the use of music manipulates the customers in order to make connect with the product. This is the reason why indoor stores play cool music as shoppers walk around choosing their goods. 

Secondly, analyzing an advert needs one to look keenly into the design used  (Drewniany & Jewler, 2007). If the design is out of date, it will push the customer away. Nevertheless, there are some products suited for the older generation, whose advertisements may seem out of date, yet accomplish their purpose. The marketer should understand his potential client keenlyin order to know which kind of design will suit him. The design for advertisements for toys used by small children will differ from those advertisements for teenagers. Advertisements for most electronic devices used by the young adults may include the picture or voice of a young woman, whose main aim is to attract the young man's attention.  

Another aspect that one needs to look at is the relationship between the written and the pictorial element of the advert. A good advert has all its elements in harmony  (Allen & Semenik, 2008). The advertisement of a Ferrari will probably have the words "fast", "pace", "slick" or "smooth" as the written element to it. This is because the picture of the Ferrari dictates these elements. Wordings are a good way of complimenting the advert and serve as a tool for engaging additional information. Professionally done adverts should have catchy punch lines, which keep on resounding in the customer's ears. 

One should also be able to analyze an adverts use of space. Though times are changing, the general use of space tells how much profession there is in an advert. For example, the subject of the advert should have dominance, and the other objects should appear on the background  ( Kelley, 2008). This ensures that the product receives all the attention that it can have from the viewer. If the advert has too much space beyond the subject, then it means that the work done was not professional.

In relation to the above, one should critically analyze the use of the other objects that make up the advert  (Noth & Bishara, 2007). Just as stated above other objects compliment the subject of the advert. They give the advert a better explanation, making it possible for the advert to make more sense. Most people use other complimentary objects to tell something extra about the advert that has no direct pronunciation throough the subject. Professionally done adverts capitalize the use of these objects to bring out the best in an advert.

A good advert has all its angles covered. In other words, everything in the advert focuses on luring the customer. There is no wastage of any element. For example, if there is a person standing in the advert, one should be able to know the reason why he is standing and not sitting. If he is standing, he should be at a certain position, and the analysis thereof should answer to that particular pose. His dressing should speak a lot about the advert. A financial based advert cannot be done in casual wear unless intentionally necessary. The person's hairstyle, facial expression and color tell a lot about the advert. The sex of the person can be another element to look at. Females are used more to appeal to the needs of their male counterparts, and vice versa ( Marchand, 1986).

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In an analysis, even the location of the advert is of significance. One should be able to scrutinize the reason for an advert's specific location. For example, a Coca-Cola advert related to soccer will have a lot of effect if its location is in South American. Better yet, the continent or the country holding the FIFA World Cup will be perfect as the location of such an advert. In the case of a picture advert, the background gives the location of the setting. One should be able to make an analysis of why the location is where it is at that time.  

An effective advert will bear results. A marketing team should have an analysis department, which is able to gauge the impact that the advert has in case the advert is on display. This analysis is important since as the economic times command a great amount of money to place an advert on display for the public. This means that the advert must be creative enough, not just to make awareness of the product, but also to pull in the customers in a shorter period.

Advertisement Analysis. Custom Advertisement Analysis Essay Writing Service || Advertisement Analysis Essay samples, help

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