Texas on the Brink

The ranking of the states of the United States of America shows that Texas features among the top 50.  The state rose from the humble beginnings with high ambitions, this was enhanced by the development of the infrastructure by the Chinese who resided within the state. Dating back to 1836, Texas was a cosmopolitan state with abundant natural resources such as the fertile land, rivers, oil, and other resources. The access of quality education, healthcare, improved lifestyles, and the relatively higher income per capita indicates the level of development of a nation. The inhabitants of the state through their leaders were therefore determined to live together in harmony whilst building a great state, which would fulfill the America's destiny. With regard to the report compiled and prepared by the chair of the Texas legislative study group, the essay will highlight on various crucial issues, which are detrimental to the realization of the American destiny by the people living in Texas and its environs. With respect to the report therefore, I will advise the Texas legislative committee on the thorny issues, which warrants crucial attention and the specific steps necessary to address them.

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The prosperity of every nation or state depends on its ability to integrate the available resources in order to realize the important factors that spurs the economic growth. The legislative committee of Texas thus has a responsibility of prioritizing the needs that requires immediate address to exonerate the state from its current unbecoming situation. The report submitted by the chair of the legislative group clearly outlines the trend of Texas in various perspectives. It is evident that, the indicators of prosperity in every developing state is measured by the attainment of the  basic needs such as the access to quality education and the attainment of the robust health care for the whole population.

With regard to the data collected by the legislative study group, it is evident that various issues, which serve as the parameters of determining the level of growth of the state, needs keen address. The parameters used in determining the trend of the state exist in a wider perspective, which entails education, democracy, child and adult health care, income per capita, dependency ratios, work force, women's issues, access to capital, environment, quality of life, public safety, and other indicators of prosperity. With regard to the current performance of the state and the necessary requirements, which deems basic to the attainment of the economic prosperity of a state, I would advise the legislative committee of Texas to concentrate on four major areas that spurs the development of the state. These are education, per capita income, quality of life, and healthcare.

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With regard to the report prepared by the Texas legislative study group, I would strongly advise the legislative committee of Texas to revamp the state's resources in promoting education for all. It is evident from the report that, the level of education is deteriorating in Texas. In comparison with the other states of America, Texas has the lowest enrolment of the high school students. As if that is not enough, the realization of the low SAT scores as compared with rest of the schools in the entire states of America depicts the high schools underperformances. The fact that there is a high enrolment of students in public schools in Texas and that the teachers' pay package is far from handsome, contributes to the underperformance of the school (Coleman 2).

The performance of the schools reflects on the nature and the number of professionals produced by the state in various disciplines. The legislative committee of Texas therefore should allocate adequate funds to the recruitment and deployment of sufficient teachers to various schools within the state in order to march the rising number of students. It is evident that the state aid per pupil in attendance is very poor.  It is as a result of this that the poor graduation rates are realized leading to a lower percentage of graduates with bachelors' degrees. The high birth rate and the percentage of children living in poverty warrants the legislative committees' intercession in order envisage the less privileged from wallowing in the field of ignorance owing to their inability to cater for fees in their bid to acquire the basic needs. The direction of the legislative committee's efforts and financial resources towards the establishment of quality education for all forms the basis for the development of Texas State.

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Through education, the state will be able to manufacture its leaders and professionals in various disciplines. These professionals will be able to advise the government on how to perform optimization and the prioritization of the state's needs in the quest to realize the American dream. Education fosters the other critical success factors of the state. This includes the factors such as democracy, environment, and the public safety. Imparting the education to a better percentage of the population creates awareness of the advocacy issues such as democratic rights and the women's issues. Education fosters the creation of awareness to the people about the occurrence of disasters hence preparing people on how to tackle such challenges. Education addresses the environmental pollution, which contributes to the polluted air in Texas.  

The provision of quality health care for all is an important aspect that requires maximum attention by the legislative committees of Texas. The health care provision reduces mortality rates especially for the young children and the elderly. According to the report, the number of immunized children is at a lower percentage. The collected data also shows that the number of uninsured people with regard to the whole population is wanting. I would therefore advise the legislative committees of Texas to direct the state resources to revamping the healthcare (Coleman 2). In order to ensure the quality provision of quality healthcare for all, the legislative committee should set aside funds for the advocacy issues in matters relating to health care. The funds should assist in setting up of numerous health centers across all parts of the state.  This will ensure the quick access by the inhabitants of the state to the medical services such as the immunization and other childcare services. When the inhabitants of the state access proper health care, they are bound to participate with high esteem in various economic activities that spurs the growth of the nation.

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Income per capita

The per capita income is a tool used to measure the standard of living of a state. According to the sampled data, it is clear that the per capita income is minimal owing to the increased taxes per capita income. It is for this reason that the inhabitants of Texas cannot afford the basic needs such as education and the quality health care. The legislative committee therefore, should lower the rates of the income tax withholdings. The legislative council should also initiate the ways of lowering the expenditure per capita in order to improve the per capita income of its citizens.

According to the findings of the report, it is evident that the gap between the poor and the rich in Texas is magnificent. Texas is among the top states in America whereby there is a large magnitude of the inequality between the poor and the rich. The legislative committee of Texas therefore should take a political responsibility of laying down measures to ensure the improved lifestyles of its people. It is clear that the personal bankruptcy filings rate per capita is low in Texas. The home ownership rate is also wanting owing to the lower median household income. The legislative council committee of Texas should lower the rates of the insurance to enhance the affordability of the homeowners. The increment of the household income allowances facilitates the middle and the lower class members of the community within Texas to afford good shelter. The legislative council should allocate sufficient funds for the development of the internet infrastructure, to enhance the internet accessibility by all.

It is evident that the basis of every positively growing state is education. The legislative committee of Texas therefore should make education as a basic need of its inhabitants. In order to foster this, the legislative committees should enact policies, which enhance the acquisition of quality education by all. The legislative committees therefore should ensure the building of adequate schools to march the increasing number of enrolment in schools. The ability of Texans to acquire health care, education and to improve on their standards of living, the legislative council ought to carry out the optimization by lowering the rates of the taxes of the per capita income. This goes a long way in improving the lifestyles of the Texans. The legislative committee of Texas therefore should enhance the attainment of the American dream by improving the lifestyles of the Texans, providing affordable healthcare, education, and improving the income per capita.

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