Advantages and Disadvantages of Compromising as an Engagement Style

Some of the main advantages of this style are that everybody gets partial satisfaction or recognition for an objective that is achieved. It ensures that the parties continue consulting through exchange of ideas and knowledge, which is healthy for organizational growth and efficiency. Compromising is also achieved quickly and avoids confrontations, which can lead to hatred and interpersonal conflicts. It guarantees team work where individual ideas from employees complement one another for mutual benefit. Some of the disadvantages include lack of trust from the original initiators of the idea who may feel that their idea was stolen. The success of the idea may be compromised where the initiator refuses to cooperate with colleagues during the ideas implementation.

Secondly, read the case called “Stolen” Idea. Describe how you would deal with the colleague and the manager in the case, according to your chosen engagement style;

Since the colleague has already presented the idea, I would credit him for a valuable idea. I would then discuss with him how we can involve other workers so as to set up mutually beneficial teams to implement the idea (Raelin 2010). Such exchanges would enable us to work together in order to execute the plan without any ill feelings. However, for this to be successful it would be prudent to alert the manager and let him know that I was the originator of the idea. This would erase any feelings of injustice and blackmail that I could have. It could also facilitate the necessary spontaneous responses and flexibility that would be required during the implementation of the plan as a change process in the organization. It would also erase any feelings of self interest in my colleague.

Thirdly, present the advantages and disadvantages of its style without regard to the case, and then reacts to the case from the point of view of its respective style. How would an avoider or as a competer and so on—handle their colleague? Would they involve the manager; if so, in what way?

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The main advantages of the compromising style are that it avoids any confrontations between stakeholders in an organization, especially when important goals and objectives of an organization are under implementation. It ensures the speedy resolution of any outstanding issues, which could negatively impact on performance. Compromise also creates and nurtures collective leadership in the organization. It encourages the sharing of ideas and knowledge through dialogue and brainstorming sessions, which ensures quick settlement of issues and arriving at optimal solutions. The main disadvantage is that compromising may lead to adoption of ideas whose proponents are assertive and confrontational.

A competer would not support the colleague since he would be considered to be dishonest. He would let the manager know that he was the originator of the idea and that the colleague is untruthful. He would seek credit for the idea and this could derail its implementation.

Finally, debrief this activity by considering the often liberal differences in handling the players in the case from the perspective of the different styles          

It cannot be clear that the idea was stolen. The colleague could have done some independent research so as he could fully understand any underlying concepts in the idea and then have the courage of presenting it to the manager.

Collaborators must insist that the learning process is continuous and people have different views and perspectives to ideas. This implies that nobody can claim ownership of ideas while working in a group as executing the idea to conclusion requires active participation from all in order to generate consensus. It encourages existence of mutually beneficial exchanges amongst all members (Cohen & Bradford 1989).

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When a team wants to participate together as a leaderful entity the most suitable style is collaboration. This style ensures that individuals are accorded enough time to present a factual basis for defending their suggestions through their assertiveness. They also remain cooperative with the other viewpoints as presented by their counterparts. This upholds the virtue of reciprocity in seeking quality solutions.

Collaborators can work with all other styles. However, the members of teams must identify the issues to be discussed in advance. This necessitates research on these issues so that when they meet, they do not spend a lot of time on an issue. They can also segment their discussions where different members research on specific areas and then convince the entire team on the efficacy of their findings. This saves the team a lot of valuable time.

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