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The China Dolls

The article begins by Ted Kennedy apologizing for his inadequacy as he had been supporting the damages caused by slapping lottery size penalty on owners of corporations culpable due to extreme flirting or whose workers may be blameworthy of talking shit. He feels sorry these owners since the new civil bill of rights limiting the damages caused by penalization for sexual nuisance as high as $300,000 as per the size of company as well as promising to hike it the coming year. It goes on to say that the senators let off the damages due to penalization. The whole story revolves around the owner of a small restaurant/ bar who is the author of the article. she says she 'employs about 20 young adults with their role model starting from Axl Rose to John Belushi.

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Though they work under stress, they work hard at a high pace in the hot kitchen where they talk interesting language but sometimes they feel guilty about it' (McCarthy, pp33). The article goes on to that sometimes these employees tell miniature jokes as they listen to rock music. They also talk about pornography and end up flittering with the servers. It talks of one chef who had been asking a blonde waiter for about 100 times in a period of three years and funny enough she rejects him but it is clear that she definitely enjoys the game. The author goes on to argue that 'horny' has become their native language as they use it as a softening sound that seems like giving a barked order, "I need a middle-sized shish Kebab right now" (McCarthy, pp33).

She clearly brings out the point that there is difference in meaning for the word "honey" in the restaurant and in the women's studies departments and at the EEOC (McCarthy, p33). There are pinups at the down-street auto shop maybe the watchful eye of the famous politician can bring change to the employees in order for them to act like the nerds at the women's studies department in Yale. After giving the example of her employees and their behaviours, she talks about the serious assault in civil rights Act of 1991 that begun during the McCarthy era. She argues that the small businesses are facing frightening prospects due to extreme sexual harassment being experienced.

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Everybody is responsible financially for the verbal sexually offensive behaviors due to ignorance over the sexual law. The Chinese communists are against decorative clothing, handholding and extramarital sex as they term it as cultural fascism. It is the factor  in the article. She goes on to say that 'the law has become harmful even to the women it is supposed to protect for example, she is a female but the law has made her fear employing women' (McCarthy, pp33). If the managers, cooks, the writers' husband or sons offend someone, there will be punitive damages and legal expenses that could cost her about $100, 000. The tab can never be picked up by the insurance fund, taxpayers or stockholders. This shows the biasness of the law that was enforced by Senator Kennedy in the article.

The article goes on to say that in seventies, the pedestal dangers were clear on women, though they were outraged by the women affected by pornography in media, Pittsburg and so on, they were all aware of the first amendment dangers. Free speech made the country grow and lesbians new the laws may be used against them due to their sexual offenses. The author expressed her concern by arguing that some powerful women writers like Merge Piercy and poets like Robin Morgan were highly admired but it's a different case nowadays. Most lawyers who went to law schools believe that tort litigation is the solution to world's problems. Sexual politics have become complicated questions judged by reasonably prude standards. She also expresses her anger by saying the women leaders' movement has intentionally insignificant women's movement and ignored the effects of sexual harassment law.

'The lawsuits of $300,000 is frightening managers into employing men over women and it is protected by Senator Kennedy' (McCarthy, pp33). Kennedy and his allies tried to lynch Clarence Thomas and they have ignored their natural friends who were close to them but are now far apart. Men and women wished to work together but they overlooked it. It is clear that women were harassed by senator Kennedy's enforcement of the law that really affected them. The women have been made into China dolls that come with a price tag of $300,000 if broken. The flirt ring fun games, nuisances and intrigue have been turned into criminal activities. The article clearly implies that women are not powerless as men think, the workplace victim status are no longer needed. Let them not try to foist it on women.

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It is clear that the authors tone is corrective and painful since she really expresses the pain of sexual harassment that has become very significant and pronounced. This is supported by the civil rights Act of punitive damages that is reinforced by Senator Kennedy. It is evident in the article that employment of women has been greatly feared due to the sexual harassment. There is no doubt that 'sexual harassment' is significantly affecting women (McCarthy, p33).

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