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U.S. Navy

The Unite States military is an organization which is well-organized with all the necessary resources and proper management. The missions of the organization they maintain, equip and train the naval forces who are able to win wars at the same time participate in humanitarian exercises both at home and abroad. The navy also targets and stops aggression acts being committed against civilians while ensuring the freedom that is required in the seas is achieved to make the waters a safe means of transport.

The U.S navy which founded in 1798 is made in a structure which ensures each part of it supports the other. According to www.navy.mil (2006) the organization is mainly made up of three main components which include the executive offices most of which are based at the pentagon in Washington, the next group includes the operating forces who are based in various stations and includes the marines corps and reserve components who will only be used in a time of war. The final component entails the U.S. Coast guard which is entails the homeland security has its establishments placed at the shores of the oceans and waters. In all the three components there is the basic support and coordination among them to ensure that none of them operates as a single entity albeit them being separate units managed separately.

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Administration and Operation

The operating forces are made up commanders and fleet commanders all of whom have a double chain of command. In administration, they all report to the chief of the naval operations and at the same time they have the responsibility of providing training and equipping all of the naval forces. In the sense of the operations they all report to the appropriate unified Combatant Commanders respectively. Furthermore the commander of fleet forces are the ones who command and assert the fleet assets in the Pacific and Atlantic coasts both of which need deployment and inter-deployment for the training exercises which is needed for all the naval forces. As the units enter various areas which are under a certain commander they become automatically deployed to the naval commandant who is in-charge of the fleet which is numbered in the area. All the units have an administrative chain in which they all are required to report to the appropriate type of commander.

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At the shores the navy has set up establishments which support the operating forces. This support system for the fleets includes facilities and equipments which are required for the repair and of machinery and any other electronic equipment. Moreover the establishments include command centers, fuel units and storage areas which the equipment which is needed will be stored. The provision of medical facilities for the naval officers is also included among the establishments which also have dental care these establishment provides the necessary support which is needed by the fleets which they dock after patrolling the water to ensure security of the nation.

The system at the U.S. navy is very sufficient but more can be done to make the service even better especially when dealing with the troops. While recruiting they should be more stringent to ensure people who get recruited will have the efficiency needed because the lack of the same can lead to harm to the other marines. The marines should be adequately trained and equipped to ensure there are not put at risk of being harmed in a mission. If injured an officer should be discharged to go recover after which upon proper analysis on mental and physical capability be determined to ensure they will be able to cope with all the trauma and stress associated. If discharged due to inability to serve the marines should be given an adequate compensation kit to ensure it will assist in the resettlement into the society after the service.

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The U.S. navy is organization whose main goal is to ensure the rule of law is maintained while protecting the liberty of the people. The setup is such in a manner that when it comes to administration all commandants report to the naval chiefs while when in operations the commandants are in charge if the fleets but report to their respective unified combatant commanders. Hence every unit has an appropriate chain of command to follow. This is further supported by the establishments set up as to give the material and equipment support. However the navy can be improved by putting more concern on the marines who serve in terms of the proper recruitment, training, and compensation in the case of being discharged.

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