Food Safety

The author engages readers with facts of how food-processing plants in America are very scandalous over abysmal sanitary conditions. The author asserts that for instance, most of these plants had records of prior violations of food safety and yet did not ensure that their facilities were clean and free from contamination. This illustrates how these plants concentrate on maximizing their profits at the expense of the health of consumers. This is the reason that triggered advocates of food safety to push for reforms in the food sector. The author also indicates that the most severe food related disorders were egg and peanut-borne outbreaks. He further stresses the severity of these disorders with the fact that most of them are not early detected hence become severe and more complicated in the future. This is because most victims of food disorders suffer a stomachache that they merely ignore.

The author then illustrates the importance and eminence of this matter by indicating how advocates pushed for the passing of the "federal food safety regulation bill." However, there were opponents of the bill who rejected it by asserting that passing of the bill will single out small food firms. They argued that the proposed bill would provide a competitive advantage to the big firms over the smaller firms. Moreover, they alleged that passing the bill would unnecessarily increase food prices hence making it difficult for the consumers to purchase the food. On the other hand, proponents of the bill demanded strict government scrutiny and analysis for genetically modified foods, indicating that they pose a threat to the consumers. Here, the author brings readers to attention of the significant of controlling the genetically modified foods. This is because Americans often consume many genetically modified foods in processed foods. Actually, this is the lifestyle of most Americans since they highly depend on canned foods from the shops.


This issue is very vital since it touches the health of millions of consumers who highly depend on processed foods. The food processing plants and the concerned regulatory authorities should highly consider the safety of food getting to the consumers. The author illustrates this by stating that proponents of the new policy alleged that it would enable the Food and Drug Administration to track fruits and vegetables. This will enable the administration to identify contamination outbreaks. The author further makes readers realize that most of the contaminated foods come from imports. For instance, he indicates that a 1996 outbreak traced to Guatemalan raspberries and a 1997 rash of cases involving Mexican strawberries illustrated the growing role that imports play in the U.S. food supply.

The author clearly brings out a very vital aspect of food safety in the whole article. He advocates that new policy reforms in the food sector will help solve the problem of consumption of contaminated food. This means that the government should particularly invest in food safety, which will in turn reduces huge expenses incurred in treating food related disorders. Proper food testing and tracking their processing should be of priority. Moreover, regulations and strict codes are important in controlling the processing of foods that may cause harm to the consumers.



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