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Any complicated material or substance requires any sort of analysis. Analysis is a complex process of destruction into smaller parts in order to better understand the topic. There are different forms of analysis which are to be used to extract significant points, for instance, statistical analysis, SWOT analysis, comparative analysis, narrative analysis and many more encompasses in analysis collection. In this paper, we will focus on musical analysis of a specific song. The name of the song is “Hound Dog” which has written by the authors Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. The song was initially recorded by Willie Mae in the year 1952 (Richard & Jones, p.45). All of a sudden, in 1956, the remake of this song by Elvis Presley appeared to be its fresh version that got the number 19 in Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest songs list of all time. The track “Hound Dog” was sang by 5 singers of different states in 1953, and this number increased to 26 singers by the year 1964.

Elvis Presley who took this track to its best moment was born on January 8, 1935. He was an American singer as well as a recognized actor. He was considered as one of the most popular musicians in the 20th century and usually denoted as the "King of Rock 'n' Roll" or simply "the King". The popular track version recorded by Elvis Presley is a totally rock format music. Since the 1970s, the song has been played in many of the blockbuster movies as a soundtrack especially in epic movies like “Indiana Jones”, “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, and “Grease and Forrest Gump”.

Musical Dimensions

Now, we enter into the next phase of this project in which we will discuss several dimensions of music using various examples. Musical dimension identified under two major categories encompasses vertical and horizontal dimensions. Vertical dimension can be classified as the collection of relationships of notes that ensue at the same time. The horizontal dimension of the music is a more basic factor composed of a series of notes as well as the relationship between the silent pauses (Joan & Dejan, p.56). There are six temporal fundamental dimensions of music that involve:

  • Melody
  • Harmony
  • Rhythm
  • Texture
  • Timbre


Melody is determined as the most influencial element of the music. The melody can be analyzed in terms of tune, voice, or line. Basically, the melody is a linear continuous tone that the audience has clearly recognized and felt as a single entity. Mainly every form of melody typically includes one or a plurality of musical phrases or patterns, and the process of song replication takes place in various forms. The melody can also describe the song’s melodic movement or pitch or spacing (mainly consistency or intermittent or further restrictions) as well as pitch range, tension and release, continuity and coherence, rhythm, and the interval between the shapes.

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By the means of music convention, notes is the frequency of the tone in the scale, and the harmonic intervals draw attention to the distance between the two notes sounded at the same time. Generally, it is exemplified to harmony which is considered to be the most leading factor in composing any form of music. In western music, it is extensively employed; currently, many musicians have been using extreme harmonica elements in their songs. Harmony refers to the use of pitches (notes, tones) and chords at the same time while the principle of harmonious research involves chords and their construction as well as chord and connection management.


Rhythm is another great element in the chamber of music. It gives a new look to music. The musician can even vary the rhythm rather just change the pitch in conventional manner (Susan, K, pp.100). This will create the unique nature of each piece and give each piece its own character. Regarding this element, the timing of the notes truly means a lot confining to its defined parameters.

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The piece “Hound Dog” is the blockbuster hit especially the remake by Elvis Presley. The Presley’s version of song reached the peaks of its success; at that time, there were sold more than four million copies at the beginning stage of its release. The track proves to be auspicious one for Elvis Presley; it brought him great success. At the commencement of July 1956, the song broke the record persistently holding the first position for the next 11 weeks. It would have stayed at the top position unless the song “Love me Tender” occupied the first spot also furnished by Elvis.

There is no doubt about the creativity of the musicians who provide such striking diversions to the public with new theme in terms of composition as well as by changing the dimensions of the music to form a unique product. It is indeed a successful effort, because the song priory recorded had not drew public attention, but when Elvis Presley transformed this song into solid rock format, it became a successful remake.

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