Selection of a Browser

Technology is getting to a higher gear in today's world and this tends to change the lives of a people. With technology, life has also get to another level as all the activities done today are directly linked to technology. These are becoming hi-tech as those that belong to the ancient periods become obsolete as the new and modernized ones overtake and replace them. Technology cannot be effective and ideal without browsing as this is the only way that many people can communicate and exchange ideas. There are various browsers found within the line of technology and their application depends on the speed and efficiency. At times there tend to be a problem in choosing which kind of browser to use. This has for many years been a big problem to many companies or firms. The companies differ in terms of member's perception in relation to the matter. There are also some of the problems that arise due to inefficiency of the browser type.

The problems that are linked to inefficiency of the browser are mainly pegged to the issue of speed. There are some browsers types that are slow in terms of their speed hence cannot meet the purposes of what is expected of them. There has always been a big problem in determining on which browser to use between Mozilla and internet explorer. Just like any other service server that has disadvantages, Mozilla and internet explorer have their own disadvantages. The problems or disadvantages are some of the things that have lead to a drawback in the services rendered through the internet. Due to all these problems associated with the browsers, any firm or individual who may be interested in using internet services for any other duty must come up with the best choice between the two browsers. All these problems are to be weighed and a possible conclusion made before the selection of browser type.  The pros and cons of the browsers are therefore to be given to enable good and easy decision making on the browser type to use. Goggle chrome is also one of the browsers that are relevant to matters of browsing.

Goggle chrome also has some of its features that make its users to like it. It entails so many things or features within it. Some of these features that this browser has are; the high speed it has for responding to commands and efficient connection, it also allows for free searches (Google searches), it also has FOSS that makes the chrome beta available. Though this browser is good and can efficiently meet the tasks of the user, it cannot still stand alone for it has to seek some help fro Firefox. The browser uses some bit of Firefox applications to support some of the commands given to it. The browser can therefore not work efficiently without Firefox as a booster. This makes many people to consider this browser part of Firefox hence runs for Firefox instead of goggle chrome.

Difference between Mozilla Firefox and internet explorer

Many internet users always wonder whether there is a difference between Mozilla and other browsers such as internet explorer. Though those other browsers are not mentioned, they also help in browsing. The decision only becomes difficult between internet explorer and Mozilla which are the biggest and reliable browser types. Mozilla outweighs internet explorer because many people are using it and this makes communication easier than using different browser types.  One of the features entailed in Firefox3 upgrade is the change that was made in terms of security. In the previous years, one could tap in another person's site because a dialog box appeared that asked the person on whether he or she would like a password remembrance or not. This could be so because after confirmation of password remembrance, one could easily get the password to the site as it got displayed in the password box. In the present firefox3, the remembrance of the password is only asked after a log in.

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Firefox also has an instant and efficient web site ID, an anti-phising, main controls, an antivirus, protected connection booster, updated security settings and privacy enhancement tools that protect certain confidential information. Not to forget is the pop-up blocker that is of great importance to the user. Firefox also enhance freedom to the user that allows him or her to do whatever thing he or she wants under the protection of this browser. All the transactions done within the internet tend to be fast with Firefox and this makes many business men or entrepreneurs to like it. The transactions are always fast as the speed of Firefox is also superfast as compared to other browsers. These are some of the key issues why Firefox is considered the best out of all other browsers. Though Mozilla is on market, it still face stiff competition from other browsers especially Internet explorer. Some other browsers are like safari and many others.

Internet explorer on the other hand, is also one of the biggest browsers and tends to face some problems due to market problems. Just like Firefox, internet explorer also has some features of which its users benefit from. Some of these features are things like: phising filter that turns the button red in the address bar hence displaying a warning to any unknown or phising site. There is also an extended validation SSL and RSS Tab that creates room for Tabbed browsing. The browser has few features as compared to that of Mozilla.

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There are also some problems associated with the two browsers though they offer good services to the people. Some of the problems associated with firefox3 can be seen during downloading of a document whereby a day after the download date, a security measures are found disclosed and this can make any other person to read or tamper with the downloaded document. Another problem facing this browser is the models of the machines or computing machines. The browser is found to be crushing older machines as the command within it does not match that of the old machines. This problem mainly affects those using Windows 95. The browser is also likely to close if one visits sites with common CSS. These are some of the codes used by developers to set up commands and instruction to various parts or devises within the computing system. Internet explorer also experiences some of these problems of which some are general while some are specific. The general problems are shared by the two browsers which specific ones are the browsers own disadvantage.

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Reasons for difference in browser types

Some of these disadvantages or problem slows down the transaction taking place through the internet. There are various reasons as to why these browsers are different in the way the form their functions. One of the reasons is that they are not programmed by same programmers. Another reason is that, every browser wants and fights for its own uniqueness. Dilemma state is always reached in selection of browsers due to some bits of similarity in problems affecting both browsers. Though the browsers serve the same purpose, speed matters a lot and efficiency in relation to we boosters. Privacy is also needed and this call for protection of data and sites by providing security codes that can help in safeguarding one's data privacy. When all the qualities needed are found to be ideal and available in the browser, then it can be chosen to perform the tasks it is intended to perform. Choosing of browser needs some keenness and patience as this only gives one more time to observe and make a good decision during the choosing process.

Many companies as seen in this comparison can therefore go for Mozilla instead of internet explorer as Mozilla is more reliable and contains many features that one may need in a browser. As a planning manager I can prefer using Mozilla firefox3 as a browser as it contains more feature than internet explorer. Many organizations or people are also using this same browser and this therefore give Mozilla a good market and quality value as its level of preference is high. This browser is to be used in upgrading of the entire computer browsing system within the institution. Mozilla is more preferable because of its speed and efficiency.

Recommendation by the board of members

Due to this difficulty in decision making, I did a research and gave out all the pros and cons of various browser types that clearly gave out the efficiency of all the browser types especially to Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer and goggle chrome. I represented this paper to my departmental members who took a close look at these research findings and decided to pick on Mozilla Firefox that had a lot of advantages over the rest of the browsers. This browser was to be upgraded in all the computers.

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