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The Hadza Community

The documentary stipulates the socio-cultural aspect of the Hadza community.  Hadza is a group of indigenous people found west rift valley of Tanzania. They are found in small groups namely bands.  It is a traditional cultural community that, its existence is threatened due to the change in the socio-economical and political spheres. Their population is believed to fall to about 2000-3000 individuals. Moreover, the ecological transformation doesn't give them a chance to continue with their existence (Heller, 1999). This community seems to portray little knowledge about their origin and, this has called for massive manipulation by societal changes and the current government of Tanzania into the life styles of these individuals.

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Firstly, the Hadzbe community occupies a region around Lake Eyasi basin, Ngorogoro crater and some parts of Serengeti reserve. Most of them line a monogamous type of family and value right of marriage. They practice partial nomadic lifestyle with some hunting and gathering as their economic activities. The community has kept on moving to greener pastures where they can fetch food from easily. This action has made them to have a diminutive stature about famine and poverty in their living conditions.

The government of Tanzania is seen to manipulate their habitat by, trying to evacuate them from their settlements (Heller, 1999). The government claims, it gets more revenue from the activities from that surrounding hence, making the place has been converted to be a tourist attraction site, where the government fetches revenue from. In addition, various investors have also turned the ground into a mining area and livestock rearing. Deforestation has been pronounced and, this has led to the degradation of the once fertile lands.

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Consequently, foreign tourist have also intruded the lands and, converted it to be a recreational centre and commercial hunting point. This has limited to the Hadzbe community from harvesting certain foods or practicing hunting. With the introduction of modern education, the offspring's of the Hadzbe community have been taken to boarding schools where they are being taught to be assimilated to the urban culture. Indeed, this has move by the government has faced major challenges as, majority of the population know the Hadzbe people to be very primitive. Most of them are looked down upon and they tend to develop inferiority complex and sense of low self esteem.

In as much as the Tanzanian government effort tries to evict this group, it has proved a challenge to merge with other communities due to their diverse cultural nature. This emanates mainly from the fact that, the population of this community is less hence, they don't have a majority of the say. In addition, they possess little knowledge about legislation processes where they could champion their rights.

The German group known as'' Friends of people Close To nature'' (FCPN) is trying to protect the Hadzbe community from infringement of their rights from various stakeholders. They try to ensure that, members of different cultural back grounds get their right to their lifestyle and, are not interrupted by external factors. (Heller, 1999) The efforts by this Germans group are facing challenges more so, from the Tanzanian government who believe that, the land taken away from the Hadzbe community could serve as an economic impetus towards promoting tourism and livestock keeping.

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In conclusion, The Hadzbe community has faced challenges due to these prevailing actions. They have been forced to mingle with other people from different background. This has made them to acquire other social problems such as loneliness and, diseases like HIV and AIDS. These effects have seen the international community, finding solutions on how to protect the human rights in the contemporary society. This has been emphasized because of the fact that, the culture disappearance is detrimental towards enhancement of the diversification, as life would not have a meaningful purpose.

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